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Seungri's Instagram account was reportedly removed as convicted sex offenders aren't allowed to use Instagram


Former Big Bang member Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun)'s Instagram account was reportedly deleted as convicted sex offenders aren't allowed to use Instagram. 

On May 30th, Seungri's Instagram account was revealed to have been removed from the platform following his final sentence on May 26th. Seungri was indicted for a total of 9 criminal charges including solicitation of illegal prostitution, illegal overseas gambling, the spread of illegally filmed sexual content, embezzlement, threatening, and more. He was then found guilty of all 9 charges.

Meanwhile, Seungri faces approximately 9 months in a civilian prison and he will be released in February of 2023.

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Monday, May 30, 2022

This whole club thing and the sexual exploitation of woman in clubs goes deeper than just him. I wished people would stop seeing this as a couple bad apples and actually look into how “our adorable maknae Seungri “ went from singing and dancing to being a part of perv weirdo group chats. They weren’t and aren’t the only ones who do this shit to women. People sit and talk about dating scandals and people being too big when there’s literal rapists and weirdos in the industry. Look into all these clubs some of these idols frequent and I’m very sure there’s some highly illegal shit. It’s sad that this case didn’t turn over another aspect of the dark side of Kpop. Ppl just acted like this mf went bad or something. I bet more idols are involved in weird shit like burning sun but we treat it as if it was a fluke thing

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Monday, May 30, 2022

G.Dragon warned him not to hang out with the wrong crowd. He never listens. Let's say he didn't do the abusing part but it happen on his property it's sad but that is the fact. He let the wrong people surround him and they have plenty of solid evidence of all wrong doing, 1.5 years is nothing though, but this will tarnish his image forever, you know Koreans never forgive and forget.

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