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Jungkook sets social media on fire & tops worldwide trends as fans theorize a possible collab and mixtape after he deletes all his Instagram posts

BTS's Jungkook sent social media on fire as he deleted all his Instagram posts and highlights yesterday. Fans went into a frenzy when they noticed his Instagram account without any posts and started freaking out over it.

Jungkook took over the Worldwide trends with three keywords trending at #1. The keywords being jungkook, JEON JUNGKOOK and USER JUNGKOOK. He also trended in the Top 2 trends in the U.S and kept trending in the Top 20 trends even after more than 21 hours.

Credits to @JayKayOST and @yoomyeuphoria on twitter

Jungkook also became a top trend in India, Bangladesh, South Korea, and many countries. More than 18 keywords trended on Twitter, showing off how much he's loved everywhere globally.

Credits: @Jungkook__India, @JJKBangladesh, and @97901_sue on twitter
Credits: @JungkookPress on Twitter

On one side, fans are heartbroken over the fact that the singer has deleted all his posts and videos, which were their comfort place, but on the other side, it gave way to anticipating his solo works or collab. As some fans pointed out that sometimes artists delete their Instagram posts to provide a clean slate when they are going to release their works or albums, including The Weeknd and Taylor Swift. Some fans are guessing that maybe Jungkook wants to start his Instagram feed again with aesthetic or some concept-centric posts.

The anticipation about Jungkook's mixtape or collabs is increasing as fans grieve over the loss of his posts but continue to be excited over the upcoming works.

Fans also shared threads and videos of his Instagram posts for memories.

Jungkook has deleted his Instagram posts is hot trending news across the globe as countless media outlets are covering the news, including the biggest channels of India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, including India TV, ARY News, TV One News, and major newspapers and magazines of Korea JoongAng Ilbo and GQ Korea, major Japanese outlets including model Press, Kstyle, Oricon News, etc.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

It’s sad to know his posts are gone but Everybody is also just so excited for a collab or JJK1! World Class Pop Star JUNGKOOK, we’re waiting!

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Friday, June 3, 2022

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