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Posted by MaiaD Friday, April 8, 2022

18 Baeksang Arts Awards acclaimed Dramas that You Should Watch


Among various awards and accolades in Korea dedicated to excellent entertainment shows, the Baeksang Arts Awards is one of the most-awaited and regarded as one of the most prestigious entertainment awards in South Korea. The shows have been held annually since their introduction way back in 1965, established for the development of Korean popular culture and art by awarding and recognizing excellence in film, television, and theatre.

Aside from the coveted Grand Prize for Film and Television or known as the Daesang, one of the main categories of the prestigious award show is Best Drama under the Television category, recognizing exceptional drama series yearly.

Here's a shortlist of must-watch Baeksang Awarded drama series, from Best Drama of the Year to Grand Prize for Television winners through the years!

1. I'm Sorry, I Love You

Best Drama for Television, 41st Baeksang Arts Awards, 2005

Cast: So Ji Sub as Cha Moo Hyuk; Im Soo Jung as Song Eun Chae; Jung Kyung Ho as Choi Yoon; Seo Ji Young as Kang Min Joo; and Lee Hye Young as Oh Deul Hee

2. Lovers in Paris
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 41st Baeksang Arts Awards, 2005
Cast: Kim Jung Eun as Kang Tae Young; Park Shin Yang as Han Ki Joo; and Lee Dong Gun as Yoon Soo Hyuk

3. My Lovely Sam Soon
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards, 2006
Cast: Kim Sun A as Kim Sam Soon; Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin Heon; Jung Ryeo Won as Yoo Hee Jin; and Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim

4. Jumong
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards, 2007

Cast: Song Il Gook as Jumong; Won Ki Joon as Prince Youngpo; Han Hye Jin as So Seo No; Kim Seung Soo as Prince Daeso; and Song Ji Hyo as Ye So Ya

5. Secret Garden
Best Drama for Television, 47th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2011
Cast: Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im; Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won; Yoon Sang Hyun as Choi Woo Young; and Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul

6. Moon Embracing the Sun
Best Drama for Television, 48th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2012

Cast: Kim Soo Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo as Lee Hwon; Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung as Lady Heo Yeon Woo/Shaman Wol; Jung Il Woo and Lee Tae Ri as Prince Yangmyung; and Kim Min Seo and Kim So Hyun as Lady Yoon Bo Kyung/Queen Yoon

7. Deep Rooted Tree
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 48th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2012
Cast: Han Suk Kyu and Song Joong Ki as King Sejeong/Yi Do; Jang Hyuk and Yeo Jin Goo as Kang Chae Yoon/Ddol Bok; and Shin Se Kyung and Kim Hyun Soo as So Yi/Dam

8. Good Doctor
Best Drama for Television, 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2014
Cast: Joo Won as Park Si On; Moon Chae Won as Cha Yoon Seo; Joo Sang Wook as Kim Do Han; and Kim Min Seo as Yoo Chae Kyung

9. Heard It Through the Grapevine

Best Drama for Television, 51st Baeksang Arts Awards, 2015

Cast: Yoo Jun Sang as Han Jeong Ho; Yoo Ho Jeong as Choi Yeon Hee; Lee Joon as Han In Sang; and Go Ah Sung as Seo Bom

10. Signal

Best Drama for Television, 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, 2016

Cast: Lee Je Hoon as Park Hae Young; Kim Hye Soo as Cha Soo Hyun; Cho Jin Woong as Lee Jae Han; Jang Hyun Sung as Kim Bum Joo; and Kim Min Kyu as Hwang Eui Kyung

11. Descendants of the Sun
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, 2016

Cast: Song Joong Ki as Captain Yoo Si Jin; Song Hye Kyo as Doctor Kang Mo Yeon; Jin Goo as Master Sergeant Seo Dae Young; Kim Ji Won as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju; Park Hoon as First Sergeant Choi Woo Geun; Choi Woong as Staff Sergeant Gong Cheol Ho; Ahn Bo Hyun as First Sergeant Im Gwang Nam; Onew as Lee Chi Hoon; Lee Seung Joon as Song Sang Hyun; Seo Jeong Yeon as Ha Ja Ae; and Park Hwan Hee as Choi Min Ji

12. Dear My Friends
Best Drama for Television, 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards, 2017

Cast: Go Hyun Jung as Park Wan; Kim Hye Ja as Jo Hee Ja; Na Moon Hee as Moon Jeong Ah; Go Doo Shim as Jang Nan Hee; Park Won Sook as Lee Young Won; Youn Yuh Jung as Oh Choong Nam; Joo Hyun as Lee Seong Jae; Kim Young Ok as Oh Ssang Boon; Shin Goo as Kim Seok Gyun; Jo In Sung as Seo Yeon Ha; and Lee Kwang Soo as Yoo Min Ho

13. Mother
Best Drama for Television, 54th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2018
Cast: Lee Bo Young as Kang Soo Jin; Hee Yeol as Kim Hye Na/Kim Yoon Bok; Lee Hye Young as Cha Young Sin; Nam Gi Ae as Nam Hong Hee; and Ko Sung Hee as Shin Ja Young

14. Stranger
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 54th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2018

Cast: Cho Seung Woo as Hwang Si Mok; Bae Doona as Han Yeo Jin; Lee Joon Hyuk as Seo Dong Jae; Yoo Jae Myung as Lee Chang Joon; Shin Hye Sun as Young Eun Soo; and Yoon Se Ah as Lee Yeon Jae 

15. My Mister
Best Drama for Television, 55th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2019

Cast: IU as Lee Ji Ahn; Lee Sun Kyun as Park Dong Hoon; Park Ho San as Park Sang Hoon; Song Sae Byuk as Park Gi Hoon; Lee Ji Ah as Kang Yoon Hee; and Kim Young Mi as Doo Joon Young

16. Hot Stove League
Best Drama for Television, 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2020

Cast: Namkoong Min as Baek Seung Soo; Park Eun Bin as Lee Se Young; Oh Jung Se as Kwon Kyeong Min; Jo Byung Gyu as Han Jae Hee; Chae Jong Hyeop as Yoo Min Ho; Jo Han Sun as Lim Dong Gyu; Park So Jin as Kim Yeong Chae; Ha Do Kwon as Kang Doo Gi; and Kim Kang Min as Lee Chang Kwon

17. When the Camellia Blooms
Grand Prize (Daesang) for Television, 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2020

Cast: Gong Hyo Jin as Oh Dong Baek; Kang Ha Neul as Hwang Yong Sik; Kim Ji Seok as Kang Jong Ryul; Ji Yi Soo as Jessica / Park Sang Mi; Oh Jung Se as No Gyu Tae; Yeom Hye Ran as Hong Ja Young; Son Dam Bi as Choi Hyang Mi / Choi Go Woon; Kim Kang Hoon as Kang Pil Gu; Go Doo Shim as Kwak Deok Soon; and Lee Jung Eun as Jo Jung Sook

18. Beyond Evil
Best Drama for Television, 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, 2021

Cast: Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Do Hyun as Lee Dong Sik; Yeo Jin Goo and Jung Hyeon Jun as Han Joo Won

These award-winning shows were recognized by the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards for their excellent storyline to the outstanding performance of their cast. The award-giving body has given awards to various genres of drama series, ranging from saeguk, romantic dramas, mystery-thriller dramas, and more.


There are many more dramas awarded and recognized by Baeksang Arts Awards, and even rightful opponents with other Baeksang nominated dramas. What is your favorite drama on the list, and what other Baeksang awarded drama would you suggest? 

  1. Kim Hyun Soo
  2. Daniel Henney
  3. Go Ah Sung
  4. Go Hyun Jung
  5. Gong Hyo Jin
  6. Ha Ji Won
  7. Han Ga In
  8. Han Hye Jin
  9. Hyun Bin
  10. Im Soo Jung
  11. IU
  12. Jang Hyuk
  13. Jin Goo
  14. Jo Byung Kyu
  15. Jo In Sung
  16. Joo Sang Wook
  17. Joo Won
  18. Jung Il Woo
  19. Jung Kyung Ho
  20. Jung Ryeo Won
  21. Kang Ha Neul
  22. Kim Hye Soo
  23. Kim Ji Suk
  24. Kim Ji Won
  25. Kim Jung Eun
  26. Kim Sa Rang
  27. Kim So Hyun
  28. Kim Soo Hyun
  29. Kim Sun Ah
  30. Kim Yoo Jung
  31. Lee Dong Gun
  32. Lee Jong Suk
  33. Lee Kwang Soo
  34. Lee Tae Ri
  35. Lee Joon
  36. Moon Chae Won
  37. Nam Goong Min
  38. Shin Hye Sun
  39. Shin Se Kyung
  40. So Ji Sub
  41. Son Dam Bi
  42. Song Hye Kyo
  43. Song Il Kook
  44. Song Ji Hyo
  45. Song Joong Ki
  46. Won Ki Joon
  47. Yeo Jin Goo
  48. Yoo In Na
  49. Yoon Sang Hyun
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dmaynel1235,781 pts Friday, April 8, 2022 0
Friday, April 8, 2022

It's Secret Garden and Beyond Evil for me. DOTS was a breakthrough drama in the sense that it had very slick and star studded production that wowed to international audience as much as Korean audience, but watching it 5 years later kinda reveal how cheesy the lines and how average the acting was.

2 (+2 / -0)
charaim25 pts Saturday, April 9, 2022 0
Saturday, April 9, 2022

Stranger, The moon that Embrace the Sun, Signal and My Mister is so impactable to me. So well deserved the award. Gong hyojin camila blooms is not actually my favourite of her work but how she played her role very well make it bearable for me to finish it.

If I want to recommend something from this list, it would be Stranger. Although I know it's not everyone drama. It will drain your everything. I almost throw up because how impactable the story and the characters was.

0 (+0 / -0)


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