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Netizens have a debate over the price of BTS's new mask merch


The global group BTS released colorful masks as their new merchandise that is causing heated debate in various online communities.

Each package with different members features a unique color. RM's package comes with a black mask while Jin's package comes with a pink mask, SUGA's package with a green mask, J-Hope's package comes with a sky blue mask, Jimin's package comes with an orange mask, V's comes with a purple, and Jungkook's comes with a blue mask. Additionally, a special yellow "Butter" mask is given when you purchase the full set.

The special set comes with 56 masks for 245,000 KRW (~204.49 USD), which is around 4,375 KRW (~3.65 USD) per mask. Nevertheless, the price of the masks is quite a bit higher than the regular K95 masks sold in the market.

Netizens who have seen the price of the masks have gathered to an online community to discuss their opinions, and there have been mixed opinions on the matter. While a few netizens say that the price is reasonable for merchandise, other netizens believe the price is set too high.

The ones who didn't think the price was high wrote, "That's 5,000 KRW per mask, I think the price is okay, The colors are pretty," "If I was a fan, I would buy seven of them," "I think the mask colors are nice," "I think the design on the mask pretty," and "If you think about them as just merchandise, they are at a good price point."

The netizens who disagreed and believed the price was too high commented, "Aren't those disposables? Even though they're BTS, the price makes no sense," "5,000 KRW per mask is expensive, I think I would buy if it was 2,000 KRW per mask," "Even though people are saying it's expensive, it was sold out," "Even though I'm a fan, I don't think I can buy," and "If it's disposables, then it's too much no?"

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kokko7771,266 pts 14 days ago 2
14 days ago

I mean, it's band merch, what do you expect? Of course it's going to cost more than just a regular mask from your drugstore.

It's not just BTS who do that, it's basically every band / artists who sells merch, no matter what genre. After all, merch is what all artists make the most money with, especially now that concerts/tours hardly exist.

5000 won isn't that bad, I'm acutally surprised it isn't more.


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wizone4life361 pts 14 days ago 7
14 days ago

HYBe know what they are doing. Army is going to buy it no matter how pricey is it. This is smart business.


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