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Chinese netizens are allegedly 'praising' EVERGLOW's Yiren for not following the Korean way of bowing to loved ones in the New Year


Back on January 2, girl group EVERGLOW held a fan meeting in light of their 3rd mini album 'Return of the Girl' promotions. 

On this day, the EVERGLOW members decided to respectfully greet their fans for the New Year. Out of the 6 EVERGLOW members, 5 of them bowed down to fans on their hands and knees in the traditional Korean greeting of keun jeol. However, member Yiren, the team's only Chinese member, did not bow in the Korean method, and instead greeted fans with a traditional-style Chinese greeting of putting one's hands together. 

According to various media outlet reports on January 6, EVERGLOW member Yiren's actions are currently being "praised" by Chinese netizens on various SNS platforms. Media outlets reported that some of the Chinese netizens' comments included, "Chinese people do not get down on their knees unless it is in front of parents or to the sky or the land", "A proud idol who protects Chinese tradition", "Good job Yiren", "She is putting on a good example for Chinese who are promoting overseas", "She is spreading Chinese culture to other countries", and more. 

However, Korean netizens reacted to the issue with opposite reactions like, "Now they're making stuff up about there being a 'tradition' of Chinese people not going down on their knees?", "By tomorrow the Chinese will probably be like, 'Keun Jeol is a Chinese tradition~'", "She's too proud to do something respectful for her Korean fans", "Now you can head right back to the country you came from", "I've seen plenty of other Chinese idols doing Keun Jeol or getting down on their knees", etc. 

Meanwhile, EVERGLOW's Yiren also made headlines back in November of 2020 after telling a Chinese fan during a video fan call, "I love my country more than anything. I want to talk to you in Chinese, but because I am promoting in Korea, there are restrictions. The company told me to be cautious about speaking in Chinese."

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whatever1013,477 pts 13 days ago 28
13 days ago

OOF at that gif. I think it's fine if Yiren wants to express her individuality as a Chinese but if she's the only one doing it while everyone else is literally by her feet it comes off somewhat insensitive to the very country that has welcomed you to promote in. Thats like the equivalent of an icon walking into a room and everyone getting up to applaud besides you just because you don't care about them.


Anyway, don't even get me started on the C-netizens comment. I bet you if a crazy popular Chinese artist made bowing like that popular they would probably then say Koreans copied Chinese traditional bows.


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tdubbs359 pts 13 days ago 8
13 days ago

I don’t think what she did was a Chinese thing it was more of a “I’m trying to be cute” thing. Considering it was greeting their fans, she could have given them a respectful bow.🤷🏻‍♀️


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