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Netizens talk about TXT Soobin's incredible reaction to his award speech being cut off at the '2021 MAMA'


Netizens are talking about Soobin's incredible reaction on '2021 MAMA'.

At the end of TOMORROW x TOGETHER's acceptance speech for 'Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10', leader Soobin took the microphone and proceeded to wrap it up after having all the members give their speeches. However, in the middle of Soobin's ending, the producers turned off his microphone on purpose due to time constraints.

And yet, nothing could stop Soobin. Even with the music starting and the lights going off, Soobin's voice just kept getting louder as he opened his mouth wider.

On an online community forum, a netizen wrote: 

"Wow. Amazing guts, I want to learn from himㅋㅋ. Usually, when the mic goes off, people start getting embarrassed so they back away with an 'ah..'. But TXT's Soobin does the opposite and starts speaking really loudly and doesn't care whether or not the mic had gone off. Even if nobody can actually hear anything, he finishes what he has prepared until the end, with an incredibly loud voiceㅋㅋㅋ".

Under this post, netizens also commented (top-voted): 

"Our Soobin only looked at his debut and even voluntarily exited out of school without telling his father lol. Soobin's guts are something else."

"Thank you, MAMA, for giving me another reason why I think Soobin is the perfect leader ^^"

"LOL it's hilarious to see Yeonjun and Huening laughing next to him lol guys let's just be confident"

Other netizens also praised Soobin as a leader and commented how much of an 'iron (strong) mentality' he has.

Was your first impression of Soobin like this?

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Its-going-down62 pts Sunday, December 12, 2021 1
Sunday, December 12, 2021

Honestly as a txt stan i am still bitter and mad at txt's horrible treatment at yesterday's mama i am not talking about the awards i am talking about how they messed up the audio during their performance and gave them horrible lightning and bad camerawork even bighit's dance practice that they released just after mama(btw loving the shade bighit lol) was better than the actual performance and you can hear how the audio was delayed + they removed yeonjun from the 4th gen collab stage until moa litteraly complained to them for hours and now this :cutting soobin's speech and turning off the lights while he is still on stage. No wonder bh staff, hyka, taehyun soobin, txt's dance teacher and visual director as well as the back up dancers posts on insta were so shady they were MAD MAD. Txt deserves better


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madison7795787 pts Sunday, December 12, 2021 0
Sunday, December 12, 2021

Txt was treated terribly at MAMA for no reason. Mnet has always been a snake in many more instances. I wish they weren’t so big so they could stop their antics



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