Posted by Susan-Han Friday, October 22, 2021

Lee Chae Yeon will not be participating on the 'Street Woman Fighter' concert tour


On October 22, Lee Chae Yeon's agency WM Entertainment announced that the former IZ*ONE member will not be participating on the upcoming 'Street Woman Fighter' concert tour. 

WM Entertainment clarified, "Due to her schedules, Lee Chae Yeon will not be participating during the 'On The Stage' concert tour for 'Street Woman Fighter', taking place starting on November 20. We apologize to Lee Chae Yeon's fans who may have waited for this event, and we ask for your understanding."

Earlier this year, Lee Chae Yeon garnered attention by joining Mnet's dance crew survival program, 'Street Woman Fighter'. Lee Chae Yeon competed as a member of the dance crew WANT up until the crew's elimination on October 5. 

Meanwhile, the 8 female dance crews of Mnet's popular competition program 'Street Woman Fighter' will be greeting fans live with a concert tour, 'Street Woman Fighter - On The Stage'. The show opens in Seoul this coming November 20, before heading on to Busan, Gwangju, Daegu, Changwon, and Incheon. 

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Winston6,584 pts Friday, October 22, 2021 18
Friday, October 22, 2021

i find its ironic that the other dancers at the start was like "Why is an idol competiting in a DANCE competition with US, the Dance Professionals??" its like saying the Best of the idols are still no where the level of us who do dance 100% only..

but when they see the judge is BoA, they go like "oh yeah, she is my idol" and such..(because she is the judge, if they say shit about her, and got edited into the show, it will mean the end of them)

then after voting Chaeyeon as a "Pushover" or "No Respect" for so many times and such, the others pity her, like saying "Oh she has improved since episode 1" WHEN she or rather her group got Eliminated..

its like saying "No hard feelings" AFTER you lost..

I feel due to the STEROTYPING of idols, she wasnt given a fair judgement at the start.

the same goes for Noze, the sterotyping that "if you are pretty, then you must not have the skills since you spend more time on your looks than on practice"

co-incidentally, noze's team got eliminated 1st, and chaeyeon's team is next.. the idea seems to be if you are pretty or popular you are not a good dancer.

so in a sense. to the "so called PRO dancers" , ppl like "Chung Ha, Seulgi, Chaeyeon, Momo, Hyoyeon" etc can never be as good as them.


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mentalxfiction859 pts Saturday, October 23, 2021 0
Saturday, October 23, 2021

Good. After how much she's been harassed she should definitely not give this any more of her time



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