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"I'm ashamed of my arrogance, I've become a monster," Garo Sero Institute's Kim Yong Ho sheds tears in his last video


Garo Sero Institute's Kim Yong Ho has been uploading videos on his YouTube channel where he shares gossip news and spreads information about celebrities that isn't shared by the mainstream media.

Kim Yong Ho was a former entertainment news reporter and became the youngest director of an entertainment news department when he became a director at the age of 33. He then opened the YouTube channel 'Garo Sero Institute' with Kang Yong Seok and Kim Se Eui. This YouTube channel was one of the most controversial channels as it was accused of spreading slanderous information.

Likewise, Kim Yong Ho has also been involved in various lawsuits for spreading false information and spreading groundless rumors. Despite being in such legal battles, the reporter never lost confidence and continued to upload his broadcast videos on his YouTube channel.

However, on August 27, Kim Yong Ho suddenly posted a video titled, "This is the last broadcast for entertainment director." In the video, the reporter explained, "I've become a monster myself trying to expose other monsters...I'm so ashamed of my arrogance so I can't do broadcast anymore." 

He further explained, "The reason I became a reporter was because of alcohol. I thought I had a high tolerance but now alcohol brings me down. Also, I speak spitefully under stress. I am ashamed of myself. I spoke too rashly." He continued to say, "I should have been more careful. I tried to expose monsters but became a monster myself. Everyone must have felt satisfied seeing me expose people but I became too drunk on the sword of striking people. So, there's a lot of resentment against me."

During the video, he went to shed tears as he sobbed for two minutes as he bid farewell to his viewers and subscribers. He concluded the video by saying, "I will be taking time off to self-reflect. I will be back when I can stand in front of you proudly and without shame."

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theharshtruth1,521 pts 22 days ago 3
22 days ago

As someone who has had their whole family suffer from newspaper article slandering a family member all because some people lied and were "witnesses" I don't feel bad for this guy. Reporters are monsters! I would have felt bad for him maybe years ago but not now nor should anyone. The impact a false accusation and an article slandering you is huge because it reaches everyone with a phone in your country or town who now will see you as a monster bc of words of few people who did not get their way. Reporters are monsters and are protected by LAW they can literally make you out to be a whore or someone who would shoot people or kids as long as they can get people who dislike you to say something. They dont really search for the truth they just want views. At least celebs have money us normal people don't. I hate men like this guy they are the ones who get fired up and make people look like villains because things have not went their way


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trogdorthe8th10,505 pts 22 days ago 5
22 days ago

This makes me wonder if some of the lawsuits (not sure which considering how many there are) have been causing him major duress. Some individuals have come out swinging at the allegations he's made, and I don't blame them at all. He knows full well how precarious the situation can become if there's even a hint that an idol or actor's reputation is less than perfect in the industry. He willingly went after people, and now they're fighting back. In some cases it became clear that there was truth to his allegations, but so many more were just terrible gossip, and it seemed like he reveled in tearing others down a peg. I don't know where his bitterness came from, but if this is just a stunt and not a true realization of his action, that bitterness will become his own undoing.


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