Posted by Susan-Han Monday, July 26, 2021

Netizens talk about the difference between the archery distance at 'ISAC' and the real Olympics


The biggest buzz on online communities right now, even for K-Pop fans, is the '2020 Tokyo Olympics'!

Back on July 26, South Korea claimed its 3rd gold medal in archery with the men's national team clenching the win. SO far, South Korea has swept up gold in women's team archery, mixed team archery, and now, men's team archery. 

Even K-Pop fans know that archery is a majorly popular sport in South Korea, thanks to its long-running spot at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championship'! But did you know that there's actually a HUGE difference in the archery distance between the 'ISAC' and the real Olympics?

As you can see above, idols at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' shoot their arrows from a distance of 20 meters away. Not to mention, archery at the 'ISAC' takes place indoors, which means there are no weather interruptions, such as wind. But at the real Olympics, archers shoot at their targets from 70 meters away - a whole 50 meters further!

Netizens said, "70M?? That's so far... can you even see that far??", "Wow thinking back on how the idols acted like they looked so cool... it's majorly cringey", "That's why the idols were so 'good' at archery... they're pretty much playing a baby version of the game", "What if it's a windy day... that's so crazy far. Korea's archers are amazing", and more. 

Have you been keeping up with the '2020 Tokyo Olympics'?

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quarkie Allkill VIP 21,807 pts Monday, July 26, 2021 2
Monday, July 26, 2021

...do people really think that a bunch of idols who do archery as a hobby at best or took a 15 minute training just for the ISAC at worst are gonna be on the same level as Olympic athletes? Are they gonna make fun of them for not doing the relay as fast as Olympians too? Grow up, people jfc.


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Nanook883 pts Monday, July 26, 2021 3
Monday, July 26, 2021

lmao 20m isn't the 'baby' version of archery lmao, 70m is literally olympian level (assuming you are consistently skilled at achieving targets at this range). 20m is common for archery (although usually indoor), especially given most idols likely have very little experience at archery outside of ISAC. it's still very easy to mess up from 20m away 😂


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