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(G)I-DLE's Soyeon expresses her genuine love for 2PM by gifting signed albums with lengthy personalized messages


Netizens are finding (G)I-DLE's Soyeon absolutely adorable for her hand-written messages for 2PM.

Recently, Soyeon and 2PM met up during their music program promotions and exchanged albums backstage. Along with a group photo, Soyeon gifted each member 2PM a signed album with a lengthy, hand-written personalized messages. As a genuine 'Hottest', Soyeon expressed her respect and admiration for the members and thanked them for making her "teenage years happy."

Several members of 2PM also shared the photos of Soyeon's album and thanked her in return. 


"Ms. Soyeon, thank you so much ^^ You're soooo pretty!! I know that (G)I-DLE is doing well but I hope you all do even better and fighting, Soyeon!!!!! I hope you have an enjoyable and a happy promotion^^ <3"

(Soyeon's message) 'Hello, this is Soyeon who made a solo comeback with Beam Beam! Congratulations on the 6-member full comeback with MUST<3 I've always wished to promote together and so I am happy to have our promotions overlap like this haha. I saw 2PM live for the first time at a concert when I was young and couldn't believe how handsome you all were >< and I love the way you express your emotions through your singing and rapping!! Thank you for making my teenage years happy!!!'


(Soyeon's message) 'Hello, this is Soyeon who made a solo comeback with Beam Beam! First of all, congratulations on the 6-member full comeback with MUST<3 And Vincenzo was so, so fun haha. And this is embarrassing, but thank you for the retweet, too >< I always respect and find it amazing how you concentrate so well both in dramas and on stage!! I think you had a number of funny nicknames back then, but when I see you on dramas, I forget them all haha. Sunbaenim! Thank you for doing music and thank you for making my teenage years happy<3'


"An original Hottie (fandom), Soyeon, thank you so much and I am so proud and happy for you!! The best~~~!!"

(Soyeon's message) 'Hello, this is Soyeon who made a solo comeback with Beam Beam! First of all, congratulations on the 6-member full comeback with MUST<3 You don't know how long I've waited for five years. You've probably heard this a lot, but I think I might cry every time I hear your voice. Especially your first solo single 'Don't Go', I probably listened to it for three years everyday haha. As a Hottie, I was always so proud to have you as the main vocal. And thank you for making my teenage years a happy memory. Promotions, fighting!!'

Finding her adorable, Soyeon's fans teased her by pointing out her perfect penmanship with a Tweet such as: "Soyeon~ You don't ever handwrite that well with every letter pressed with effort LOLOLOL Ah T____T"

Netizens also reacted with positive comments such as:

"LOL Soyeon on V app said that it took her 2 hours to write all that lol"

"She's so kind"

"She's a true fan who succeeded!!"
"Oh my god, I find this absolutely adorable"

"This is real..."

"I'm not even a fan but I am finding her messages really moving"

"LOL at the fans who are comparing her different penmanship"

"Soyeon also posted images of 2PM's singed albums! She seems really happy lol"

"Of all the Hottests, she's the most successful!"

"So beautiful"

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So good for her that she realized one of her dreams, meeting her idols.



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17 days ago

i knew she has been a long time fan of 2pm. Glad she finally got to meet them.



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