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The case of the late medical student Son Jung Min's death comes to an end


The case of the medical student, Son Jung Min, who turned up dead just six days after he went missing, has come to a close.

The police revealed that the cellphone belonging to the late Song Jung Min's friend A has been submitted to the police by the environment street cleaner who discovered A's cellphone.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency explained on June 1, "The cellphone shows no signs of discord between Son Jung Min and A and the forensic did not contain any information on the cause of Son Jung Min's death."

The police added, "The cell phone has not been turned on since it was turned off at 7:02 AM on April 25th, the day of the incident. No activity has been recorded since 3:36 AM even on the 'My health' app on the phone. It is expected that no one has moved A's cellphone from the sitting mat in the park after A finished talking to his parents on the phone."

The police also explained they have sent the cell phone to the National Forensic Service for further analysis for possible bloodstains and DNA on the cellphone. It was previously reported that a street cleaner picked up the cell phone of Son Jung Min's friend between the 10th and the 15th of May and stored it in the lost and found locker before submitting it on May 30th.

In addition, 'Unanswered Questions' aired the episode in regards to Son Jung Min's case and provided surveillance and witness testimonies showing that Son Jung Min could have possibly walked into the water by himself while being intoxicated.

The episode of the show that aired on May 29th, reconstructed the timeline of the day of the incident through the data and witness testimonies obtained in regards to Son Jung Min's death. The production team also met with the family of Son Jung Min's friend and worked to uncover the truth. 'Unanswered Questions' conducted various experiments with the advice of experts and recreated the possible situations during the night of the incident.

According to the show, there is substantial evidence that Son Jung Min could have possibly walked into the water in an attempt to get sober while being heavily intoxicated. There have not been any bruising marks or scratch marks on Son Jung Min's body that could have been caused by the body being dragged. Therefore, there is a high possibility that Son Jung Min walked into the water himself. 

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lymli_queen4,652 pts 14 days ago 4
14 days ago

I hope his parents can let go instead of looking guilties everywhere


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Doodles3,214 pts 14 days ago 4
14 days ago

There is still that unanswered question of why the friend threw out the shoes he wore that night... That's such an odd thing to do just because they were "dirty".


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