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Seungri explains questionable text messages & continues to deny arranging prostitution


More details of former Big Bang member Seungri's trial have been revealed.

On June 30, Seungri attended the General Military Court to undergo a trial on the charges of arranging prostitution. As previously reported, Seungri explained he did not have complete knowledge of the content in all of the Kakao chat rooms, including ones with Jung Joon Young as a member. He also denied he arranged prostitution for Japanese clients at a Christmas party, claiming he invited acquaintances who invited their acquaintances and so on.

One of Seungri's text message conversations is now receiving more spotlight. In the message, he states, "Girls? Go with ones that give well." According to reports, Seungri exchanged the message when he was at a club with a foreign acquaintance, and a staff member asked how to treat his guest. His text message response is now leading to further suspicions of prostitution. 

However, Seungri explained it was simply due to auto-correct on iPhone, and he meant to write, "Go with ones who play well." He expressed, "I didn't know about it and only realized it during the investigation process. I think it was a typo due to iPhone's auto-correct function. Though I'm sorry about it, that's what I remember."

On the claims he had solicited prostitution out of his home, he stated, "My parents and younger brother live next door to me. They know my password and drop by regularly. I don't know when they'd drop by, so it's not possible for me to have hosted prostitution in my own home. I was also very busy with promotions at the time. I was not in the position where I could pay anyone to have relations with me and neither did I have to."

Seungri's parents are reported to have attended the trial as well. 

What are your thoughts on Seungri's statements?

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seafiant2,859 pts 25 days ago 20
25 days ago

So today his responses were "people bring people I don't know", "autocorrect did it“ and “I get messages all the time I don't read them all"

For him or against him that's seriously weak.


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kupid1,768 pts 25 days ago 3
25 days ago

Evenif the text said go with the one that give well, how would the person he was texting know the ones that give well, lol. I still stand by the fact that the prosecution need to stop already, like they had all these text messages since 2 years ago, now that they can't find hard evidence of anything, they start checking his texts messages word for word lol. And again if the have access to all messages seungri ever sent on his phone, and this seungri is supposed to be a big time pump and the could only find this in 2 years?. Like they confirmed the confiscated his phones, yet that is all a pimp had that was incriminating? .


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