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Brave Girls say they don't diet in order to maintain their physical stamina


Brave Girls have shared their views on eating well during promotions.

On the June 26th episode of ‘Point of Omniscient Interference,’ Brave Girls gave viewers a peek of their spacious new dormitory while promoting their comeback single. During the show, the girls were seen eating without any restraint in-between their schedules.

In the car, the girls each managed to finish a plate of sushi, a bowl of pumpkin soup, spicy stir-fry hot pot (mala xiang guo), malatang, while sharing a large-sized pizza. 

Watching this scene, the hosts of the show asked the members if they don't keep to a strict diet like many other girl groups. To this question, Brave Girls responded: "Yes, most girl groups stick to a diet before making a comeback, but we prioritize our physical stamina over everything else."

After completing their schedules, the girls once again gathered together in their living room and drank wine while eating jokbal, boiled pork meat, noodles, and rice balls!

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yoonjeonghans140 pts 26 days ago 1
26 days ago

honestly i'm proud to see them saying things like this in an industry this way. the way they stressed 'physical stamina' is super important. thinking about the amount of workout that their bodies go through dancing and practicing especially in the weeks leading up to the comeback, i couldn't imagine really any person going through that while being on a diet and not being exhausted. as someone who's studied nutrition and the way improper/dangerous dieting (which is most of the diets in the kpop industry) can destroy bodies and diminish mental strength, the way that they've made their physical health a strong point is really impressive. love this!! very encouraging as well to the fans who are easily impressionable: prioritizing your health over an 'ideal' body image is such a positive direction to be moving in and i'm really happy that brave girls are using their spotlight to give this kind of message. i haven't checked them out now but after seeing the kind of things they're positively advocating for, i think i might!


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itsMEsome1sayhi136 pts 26 days ago 3
26 days ago

I always found it weird how people refer to a diet as something to lose weight, when in reality it just means what you eat or what's your daily intake. They don't need to be on a weightloss diet. They all look healthy and fine.


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