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A top music critic compares Jungkook’s powerful stage presence to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars


Top music critic Kim Young Dae recently stated, “Jungkook’s rhythm created by staccato and syncopation and his innate sense for timing is enough to remind you of Michael Jackson or Bruno Mars. Throughout the song, he plays a significant role in the verse and the chorus to help create powerful momentum in the track.” This was written in Kim Young Dae's review of "Butter" for Rolling Stone Korea.

Knetizens often refer to Jungkook’s powerful stage presence as that of a ‘Superstar.’ For ‘Dynamite,’ ‘My Time,’ & ‘Butter,’ several critics, reviewers, and reactors said they were reminded of great stars like Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars upon seeing Jungkook.

In a review for the song ‘Butter,’ the critic says how Jungkook reminds him of Michael Jackson and declares that he will be successful in the future. “Watch this kid, I’m telling you, he’s going to be slamming records just like the group has.”

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Starsenna1,407 pts Wednesday, June 16, 2021 0
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jungkook works so hard and he’s so insanely talented, and he’s only 23/24 years old. Can’t wait to see him grow and achieve even more.



Kirsty_Louise24,828 pts Wednesday, June 16, 2021 30
Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I may be an ARMY but even I think this is too far. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and he always will be. Nobody can compare to Michael Jackson, not in stage presence, performance, songwriting or passion for music and being on stage. That’s why he is the King of Pop, that’s why he has said to have sold over 1 billion albums and why Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time. He changed the face of music, he’s an icon and an absolute one of a kind. Nobody does it like MJ.

I love BTS but I don’t think making comparisons like this is good for them. It’s more than likely just going to create more hate. BTS are BTS, they don’t need to be compared to anyone. They don’t like the Beatles comparison so I can’t imagine Jungkook would like this either.


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