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PR Agency comments on Kim Jung Hyun's mental health after his apology for rude behavior controversy


A public relations agency has spoken up on behalf of actor Kim Jung Hyun

It was previously reported his handwritten apology for his alleged rude behavior on the set of 'Time' towards co-star Seohyun was released through his agency, but it's now been revealed a PR agency helped him release the apology to media outlets.

The PR agency further revealed Kim Jung Hyun is experiencing mental health issues, explaining he was currently suffering from depression. The agency stated as follows:

"Kim Jung Hyun is currently unable to receive support from his current agency and has been unable to apologize to convey his apologetic feelings on the issues that have risen up because of him. Kim Jung Hyun is aware of his wrongdoings and passed along a handwritten apology, thinking he needed to seek forgiveness about the matter, first and foremost. Kim Jung Hyun has been receiving treatment while going to hospitals for the depression and insomnia that have been plaguing him since the start of his career as an actor. He was recovering his health due to having been consistent in managing himself. However, due to recent matters, his mental health took a toll, and he's at the stage where has to focus on treatment again. He's currently under the care of his family. It's an apology letter written with courage and the persistence to take full responsibility for his mistakes despite his bad health."

As previously reported, Kim Jung Hyun became the center of controversy after his alleged rude behavior on the set of the 2018 drama 'Time' was revealed. Dispatch then reported actress Seo Ye Ji was behind his behavior, which her label denied, and he has since apologized.

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Dr_Little1,299 pts 28 days ago 12
28 days ago

Let us netizens reflect here:

- guy has fragile health

- he was in abusive relationship (very difficult to admit for men in particular)

- his issue spilled over to his professional life (super heavy to admit and manage)

- he had enough strength to own his mistakes back than and apologize to everyone even in person

- he took a treatment

- moved away from problematic relationship

- sorted out his life

- picked up his career again (give him a huge credit for this)

- tried to move away from agency that does not work for him

- agency escalated and most likely leaked mssgs to force him into settlement

(I can’t imagine the level of embarrassment he felt when he saw Dispatch)

- he could not do anything as he was left without representation

- his illness bounced back

- he apologized once AGAIN for his wrongdoing in only way available to him

- his career nose dived

- most likely it will not easily pick up

- his under care of his family

i hope that netizens and agency feel proud of themselves. So well done and well orchestrated. Think about it when you see your face in the mirror in the morning. And next time when you scream about school bullying think about cyber bullying as well that some of us do on daily basis.


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BabyJane8638 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

Hope he recovers. He was wrong but still wouldn't want him to come to any harm because of all of this. He's a good actor as well, hopefully he'll be able to have a career still as he doesn't seem like a truly bad person (unless I get proven wrong in the future lol).

Still no word from the female psycho though 😅



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