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'The World of the Married' actress Shim Eun Woo admits to being a school bully and met with the victims to apologize


'The World of the Married' actress Shim Eun Woo was recently embroiled in a school bullying controversy.

On March 28, Shim Eun Woo posted a lengthy apology through her Instagram. She wrote, "I am writing this letter in hopes to express my apologetic heart to those who have been hurt by my immature actions. I contacted the individual who made the post last month and told her I want to meet her and her family to talk."

However, it seems that the meeting was not easily set up. Shim Eun Woo explained, "The issue was taken notice by the media, and everyone became emotional, so I was not able to meet with the individual."

Later the actress explained that she tried to recall the incidents but was not able to clearly remember, so she met with the individual once again to get to the matter in question.

Shim Eun Woo said, "At last, on March 25th, I was able to meet with that friend and her family. I was able to hear about her feelings about what she experienced in Junior High School."

She continued to explain, "I came to know that she had deeply been hurt by immature words during the time of our puberty. I came to understand that my careless words could leave a scar on someone else's heart, and I came to deeply contemplate myself and the life I lived. I was able to sincerely apologize to that friend."

Shim Eun Woo concluded by saying, "I will look back at myself and put forth endless effort so that I do not hurt others from now on. I apologize to everyone for causing such a concern."

Previously, a netizen created a post on a popular online community claiming that actress Shim Eun Woo was a school bully. The netizen claimed that Shim Eun Woo ostracized her. The netizen wrote, "I wasn't physically bullied, but then Shim Eun Woo lead the group to ostracize me, and it drove me crazy. When I was moving, some of my friends wrote letters to me saying, 'Why do you (the victim) have to move.' I still have that letter as evidence."

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bast_rd2,350 pts Monday, March 29, 2021 0
Monday, March 29, 2021

you know what, i don't agree with the bullying of course BUT FINALLY someone who is actually guilty of the accusations that has come clean and admitted immediately, and has met with the victim to try to rectify the situation. usually even when idols are in such a situation where they were truly a bully or whatever else, they say/the company says they will apologise (in the future) but also something in the vein of 'but the accusations aren't ENTIRELY true' to try to soften the image blow.



kentv988 pts Monday, March 29, 2021 2
Monday, March 29, 2021

I know that coming clean proactively on engaging in bullying in your past can be problematic as some companies will just dump you rather than debut you if you tell the company you need to publicly and privately apologize to some people for some things you did perhaps before you became a trainee or early in your trainee days. That said it seems that if you want to be an entertainer and you engaged in or hung out with the school bullies in any sustained situation, you would be advised to be proactive in apologizing for immaturity and any hurt caused by probably making an in person public statement that press can attend and if you know someone you really picked on, you likely need to approach them to make a private apology as well. Waiting until a former victim spots you working as an entertainer is at best going to end with you taking an extended time-off for self-reflection and most apologies you do make appearing insincere. At worst one victim coming forward will likely embolden others and very quickly you could end up unemployed as an entertainer for good.

I think companies could do a better job of protecting their assets as well, not in the form of hush money or badgering victims with threats of defamation lawsuits, but rather in recognizing that bullying is a real problem and that likely not only may there be bullying among your trainees and managers that needs a zero tolerance policy, but that some of your trainees may have made mistakes in the past and that you should have an open door for them to come clean about it before debut and a plan in place to discuss the true extent of the problem and how to correct it in a way that won't derail their future career. Anyway, it nearly always pays to be proactive in such cases than to hope that no one ever outs you as they almost certainly will and probably at a time where it does the most damage to you personally and professionally.


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