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'Snowdrop' production team discloses the plotline of the drama to resolve the misunderstandings


Last week, JTBC's upcoming drama 'Snowdrop' has been heavily criticized after the plotline was leaked online. After finding out about the storyline involving a character who is allegedly a spy who is undercover as a student protestor.

Many netizens criticized that the drama was "romanticizing" the tortures and murders of student protestors. Not only did they find the male lead character's backstory problematic, but there was more controversy because the second male lead/love interest is a member of the National Intelligence Service. In addition, many netizens took the issue of the drama distorting history.

JTBC then released a statement explaining that the drama is a dark comedy that satirizes the presidential political situation in the inter-Korean confrontation against the military regime in the 1980s. They also explained that 'Snowdrop' is a melodrama of young men and women who are sacrificed in the whirlwind of that time.

Despite JTBC's attempt to explain their position, the broadcast station had to once again make a statement to resolve the continuous misunderstandings on the 30th. This time, JTBC even revealed the plotline to clarify that the drama does not deal with the democratic movement in the 80s.

JTBC reiterated its position that the speculations and criticisms are based on an unfinished plotline leaked online. The broadcast company disclosed the contents of the drama in its statement below:

"We are making another statement because the controversy did not subside even after the first statement released on the 26th.
We would like the disclose the plotline of the drama in hopes to gain understanding from everyone.
1. We'd like to talk about the controversy over disparaging the democratic movement. 'Snowdrop' is not a drama that deals with the democratic movements. The lead male and female characters do not participate nor lead any democratic movements. Rather, there is a character that is unfairly suppressed and blamed as a spy under the military regime in the 80s.
2. The background and the motif of the major events of the drama is not the democratic movement that occurred but it depicts the political situation in 1987's presidential election. It is a fictional story about a security organization conspiring with North Korea to maintain power.
3. Against this backdrop, the North Korean agents chase a national security agent. This main character does not represent any governmental organization. They are characters that highlight the negative aspects of the desire to create a regime and show the critical point of the Ministry of Security. Therefore, the espionage activities or the glorification of certain regimes is unrelated to the drama 'Snowdrop.'

4.Also, this national security agent is not an agent that captures spies but is an agent that was dispatched overseas. He saw the corruption within the organization. and is an individual who is willing to turn his back on his own organization that has become corrupt.

5. The character name is not related to the democracy activist Chun Young Cho. However, since some pointed out it reminds them of Chun young Cho, we'll change the name of the female lead.

We hope that everyone can refrain from misleading public opinion by spreading false misunderstood information. JTBC will do its best to complete a drama that will receive a good evaluation."

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pso21,191 pts Tuesday, March 30, 2021 4
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

My cat was offended by the plot so I would appreciate it if it was cancelled please. There were also cherry blossoms blowing on my street, I can't tell if it's the Japanese or Chinese trying to subliminally send me a message so can someone send someone round to cut down the trees please.

I'm also offended at being offended so can someone cancel me please.


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remember-this348 pts Tuesday, March 30, 2021 0
Tuesday, March 30, 2021

I applaud JTBC 👏🏼👏🏼 Good management. Continue fighting for the drama even if it has to change. Looking forward to Snowdrop ❄😍



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