Posted by jennywill Monday, February 8, 2021

'Sing Again's Yoari accused of bullying


'Sing Again's Yoari has been accused of bullying.

'A', who claims to be from the same elementary and middle school as Yoari, posted on a community site and wrote, "Yoari is a bully. [Unlike what she said], it's not that she dropped out of middle school because of problems at home. It's because she caused so many problems at school, including beating up so many people. Everyone who went to school with her and lived in our neighborhood knows her. But she hasn't changed, seeing as she's blatantly on TV. I wonder if she's forgotten everything she's done in the past. People who were her victims must be gritting their teeth."

'A' continued, "Yoari was in the middle of getting her punishment handed down because she was causing problems with the other bullies when she dropped out. After one year, she went to another middle school and dropped out of there, too. My friend got hit and was bruised on their eyes, mouth, and cheek. They said that Yoari hit them, and that Yoari beat them like they were an animal. I think it's wrong for her to stand in front of the public through lies.

As proof, 'A' posted a photo of Yoari's elementary school graduation photo and wrote, "Apologize to everyone about what you did. Apologize to everyone who you thought was okay to treat like that. I'm still scared of you."

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taigoesrawr131 pts Monday, February 8, 2021 2
Monday, February 8, 2021

Idk. Guys, don't bash me but uh... I know we should take the "victims" side and all but I really don't think your only proof when making these type of career ending accusations should be their word + "we attended the same school/work/whatever! here's a pic".... Also it seems the "victim" is not even revealing their identity, only appearing as anonymous. How are we supposed to believe they attended the same school if they won't even say who they are? like I said, I'm usually on the victims side but when you're expecting people to believe you with little to no proof .. >_>

Also, apparently Yoari debuted in 2007. She's been in the spotlight for along time already. Why now just call her out 14 years later?

+ I just read another article on this where "A" apparently has deleted their post and disappeared so...


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jesschu84 pts Monday, February 8, 2021 10
Monday, February 8, 2021

Do bullies just become singers and actors or something? These articles are preponderous.


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