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Actor Jo Byung Kyu expresses his feelings about his recent school bullying controversy


Actor Jo Byung Kyu left a lengthy post on his Instagram regarding his recent school bullying controversy.

On February 23rd, the actor began by saying, "When the first allegations surfaced, my body grew stiff and I felt so unjust. The person who claimed such things called the next day and asked for leniency, but it was even hard to shake off this unjust feeling."

The actor continued to write, "After, I was very taken aback when I saw malicious comments being posted with photos that have nothing to do with me, and these things were said as if they were true."

Jo Byung Kyu explained, "Ultimately, I found out that the person claiming to be my school mate in New Zealand used photos that belonged to someone else...I do not know the person and have not gone to the karaoke with him. Also, I have never committed violent actions. The person admitted that he had written false things and deleted the posts. I stress once again that we did not impose force or oppress him to delete the post."

Jo Byung Kyu concluded by saying, "When I was in school, there were classmates I was close with and there were some I wasn't. I know I can't control the memories or thoughts of everyone. And I can't do anything if people maliciously put me in a negative image using photos that have no relation to me. I was also careful about posting my own statement because I was afraid it would be used as a tool to create more stories. I ask that everyone waits since we have requested an investigation on all the malicious postings."

Netizens who read Jo Byung Kyu's lengthy post commented, "I really don't know anymore. I guess we have to wait for the results of the investigation," "To be honest, it's difficult to bring out evidence in cases like this," "He's asking everyone to wait for the result of the investigation," and "I really don't know who to trust anymore."

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Well have to wait and see. Hope it goes well.



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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

He states he does not know the person who first accused him. They used pictures from someone he might have known at school. This was the "proof" from the accuser that he was friends with Jo Byung Kyu. Since that was a lie, the rest will follow to be lies. The other people were backing up the first accusers story, they probably know each other and cooked this scheme up. I am POSITIVE, they offered to accept money to keep it out of the public eye, when that didn't happen, they released a half ass story with pictures that did not seem connected. Regardless if it all is proven untrue, there will be many netizens who will only remember the accusation. That is the reason for prosecuting every single incident of defamation or slander. If there is a court case and settlement, THEN netizens remember later someone has been proven innocent.



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