Posted by Janie-Reign Sunday, December 13, 2020

Netizen reposts an old screenshot of Lucas's cigarette box and tries to pass it off as a recent photo


A netizen has recreated buzz online with an old image of NCT member Lucas's cigarette box.

Recently, on an online community forum, a netizen made a post titled 'Lucas smokes again'. In the post, the uploader wrote, "He turns on the live and has a lot of fun, and then he suddenly shows his cigarette and gets all surprised. Then, he gets all angry and the atmosphere becomes serious...".

However, the screenshot is not from a recent live stream but from an old one where Lucas did accidentally display his cigarette box. Even though the incident had already created buzz once, this Pann user's new post incited another round of debate regarding Lucas's alleged smoking.

The top comments read:

"Oh LOL why is he getting all angry when he was the one who showed us the box"

"He didn't commit a sin or anything, so why should he care about our opinions? I don't get it LOL When I found out about my bias smoking, I was not stirred by it one bit. S/he is an adult and celebrities are humans too, so this is all part of their privacy. Did they do drugs or anything like that? There are so many who smoke right after they enter university LOLLL; let's not say anything about smoking please"

"Lucas is just a little bit like a kid and his atmosphere gives off a rebellious vibe so I wasn't bothered by it. If it were someone who tried to maintain some fake innocent concept, then I would have been bothered by it..."

Meanwhile, those who noticed that this image was from an old live stream shared: 

"HAHA this is old"

"Um, we all know of this incident"

"Why bring this back and try to pass it off as something new??"
"This is old and Lucas is an adult. Next------"

What do you think of this incident?

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claral6,188 pts Sunday, December 13, 2020 0
Sunday, December 13, 2020

"Why bring this back and try to pass it off as something new??"

This is the real point here, the need to pass out rumours on celebrities just to stir up forums and raise hate comments towards them. Its also a long term malificent behaviour with great losses. However, if he smokes or not is the issue again? He is an adult, he knows what he is doing and if it unhealthy for him its still his choice.



quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,389 pts Sunday, December 13, 2020 0
Sunday, December 13, 2020

These children need to grow up and leave Lucas be.



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