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Netizens reminisce on Taeyeon and Jessica's superb live singing talent


Recently, netizens reminisced about the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, which took place back in 2012. In particular, they are talking about the live singing talents of Girls' Generation

One netizen posted on an online community a video of Girls' Generation's performance after receiving the 'Song of the Year' award for their song "The Boys." Many netizens were amazed by Taeyeon and Jessica's live singing as they were able to hit the high notes with perfect stable pitch.

The netizen who created the post specified that starting from 3 minutes and 27 seconds, the two members were able to sing the high notes perfectly live. The netizen explained the members didn't have the in-ear pieces, which caused the delay in beats but could hit the notes with perfect pitch.

Other netizens were also amazed by Girls' Generation as they delivered the performance to perfection despite the difficult situation without having in-ear equipment.

Netizens Commented:

"Taeyeon's singing is crazy."

"Jessica was the second-best singer in Girls' Generation after Taeyeon."

"Jessica sings well, and her voice tone is unique."

"Taeyeon is definitely the best singer. OMG, her high notes are perfect."

"I used to love Jessica's voice before."

"There's a reason Girls' Generation became legends."

"Jessica is really good at singing."

"All the members are skilled at singing. That's why they're the legendary girl group."

"Taeyeon is so crazy good. Omg."

"Wow, their live singing is outstanding; despite the delay, it's still good."

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28 days ago

Well what do you expect from SM? I mean, they produce some of the best vocalists in the whole industry (Chen, Wendy, Luna, Kyuhyun, The Grace, Jonghyun, Bada)


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jungsis894221 pts 28 days ago 6
28 days ago

XD Please STOP!! netizens need to stop comparing Queen Jessica's powerful vocal with that racist and overrated woman that always was also sm's female bias for that reason she was "main" vocal in snsd when in reality Jessica was better and most powerful vocal.

tsk tsk

sincerely Jessica, Lina and Luna always were/are better vocal than that overrated racist ty, but sm didn't suport them, sm only supporting that racist and overrated ty. sm is a crap biased, QUEEN JESSICA, QUEEN LINA and LUNA DESERVED BETTER! ~ they were so underrated by sm.
Remember when the Expert and Master, Park Sunjoo-Vocal trainer said:
Jessica has STRONG VOCAL skills.
Taeyeon's voice LACKS of POWER.


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