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Netizens talk about how all the SM rookies from the Mickey Mouse Club have left SM Entertainment


In light of the recent rumor of the popular SM trainee Hina leaving the company, many Korean netizens are talking about how all the SM rookies from the Mickey Mouse Club have all left SM Entertainment.

Recently, a netizen posted on an online community about the recent rumors of another SM trainee leaving the company. Many fans and netizens are speculating that Hina left SM Entertainment because she had created a social media page, which is not permitted by the company. Therefore, many have deduced that she had made the account only after leaving the agency.

As the rumors spread, many Korean netizens are now discussing that all of the girl SM rookies from the Mickey Mouse Club all left. Many of the netizens are sad and disappointed to see these trainees leave the company because they were excited to see them and expected them to debut.

Netizens' Commented:

"It's so sad that these young trainees didn't get to debut."

"Of course they should leave the company; they were trainees for so long and didn't get to debut."

"They were beautiful girls. They were waiting to debut as a girl group for two years before they confirmed the girl group. They trained for six to eight years. So sad they didn't debut."

"This is so sad. Goeun was probably at the company for ten years, but where is their debut?"

"I guess all the rookies left SM. I really wonder what SM Entertainment's standard for a debut is."

"They just wasted the girl's youths. omg."

"I was waiting for a new SM girl group, but all the girl trainees left."

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trogdorthe8th9,825 pts Friday, October 16, 2020 2
Friday, October 16, 2020

It seems like hesitation on the part of SM has really worked poorly for them. Everyone has known that the standard there is SO HIGH, which has given us some of the best groups but also some of the saddest stories when you learn of the pressures people go through to debut. That being said, the styles and standards of girl groups has gotten even higher in the industry from companies big and small. Although SM has produced some great girl groups, their highest standard remains with Girls Generation. Competition with girl groups is fiercer than ever these days, and when you consider the variety of groups that are finding success, you realize that it isn't just the Big 3 in charge any longer, although they certainly still dominate. One can't help but wonder if they were holding their cards trying to figure out what would work in the developing industry in terms of girl groups. After some time, it would definitely make sense that the players waiting to make it on the team finally realized it just wasn't worth it. This is my assumption, but it would make sense, especially when you consider the subtle hints they've been dropping, combined with the ever-extending push back of the reveal dates.


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Friday, October 16, 2020

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