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Netizens horrified and shocked by the recent reports of a thief who stole Hara's personal safe after her passing


Recently, Dispatch obtained and released the surveillance footage of a thief who broke into Hara's house after her passing and stole her personal safe.

According to reports, it seemed that the thief might be an acquaintance to the late Goo Hara, as he knew Hara's house's layout and exactly where her safe was. The thief also first attempted to enter the house using the main entrance and entered the previous password.

According to the police, someone broke into Hara's house in Gangnam, Seoul, earlier this year in January. It has not yet been confirmed what was inside the safe.

The theft was uncovered in April because no one was living in Hara's house after her passing. Currently, an internal investigation is underway, and the details of the investigation will not be disclosed.

Many netizens have been shaken in horror as the footage, and the details about the thief have been released. 

Netizens' Commented:
"The world is a scary place...there are people who steal from the house of a deceased person. And this person can be a close acquaintance...It's terrifying. I can only imagine how lonely Hara could have been...her parents and even acquaintance only used her."

"This is so wrong."

"I feel so bad for Hara because of people like this."

"I feel this is the doing of her mom or her brother."

"I heard the cousin first realized the safe was gone. Why is the cousin going into Hara's closet to check the safe?"

"Their whole family is a mess."

"It really hurts my heart to see this kind of news. I hope Hara is happy wherever she is."

"This is so unfortunate. Hara must have been so lonely to be surrounded by people like him."

"Hara should have retired and enjoyed her life using all the money she earned..."

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15 days ago

this is so low. someone died, what more do you want to take from them? also someone needs to investigate bc how did the person know the code? this seems super suspicious



insidersm-483 pts 15 days ago 1
15 days ago

So if the media didn't blow this up, the police just swept this under carpet?


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