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Lieutenant Ken Rhee confesses he had plastic surgery on MBC's 'Radio Star'


Recently, Lieutenant Ken Rhee appeared on MBC's 'Radio Star' and talked about getting plastic surgery. Many netizens are now taking an interest in the photos of Lieutenant Ken Rhee before his surgery.

The episode aired on October 7, and Lieutenant Ken Rhee revealed an episode of filming 'Unreal Men.' He stated he had to receive the double eyelid surgery after filming the show because of an eye infection.

He stated 'Unreal Men' was filmed during the mid-summer. So it was scorching, and he sweated a lot during the filming. He revealed that before the surgery, his eyelashes would often poke at his eye, so his eyes became infected after he completed the filming.

On this day, Lieutenant Ken Rhee stated he did not get the double eyelid surgery for cosmetic purposes but was to prevent his eyelashes from poking his eyes.

The host complimented that the surgery was done well, and eyes looked natural, but Lieutenant Ken Rhee stated, "I feel I look overwhelming." making everyone laugh.

After this episode, many netizens dug through the web to find the before photo of Ken Rhee. Many were surprised to see that Lieutenant Ken Rhee gave off a vastly different vibe before the surgery.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Ken Rhee began gaining fame when he appeared on the YouTube series 'Unreal Men.' The YouTube series is known as a parody of MBC's 'Real Men,' but the training intensity is much higher and more real. Lieutenant Ken Rhee was recognized more and more as the series gained popularity.

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sejun-the-great2,569 pts Thursday, October 8, 2020 0
Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cool, I really hope that more celebrities admit to having plastic surgery if they feel comfortable with saying it.



nurzzti1 pt Sunday, October 11, 2020 0
Sunday, October 11, 2020

Yeah what the host said is true. He does give out a different vibe after the surgery. He looked more charming He doesn't look overwhelming BUT somehow I noticed his aura just.. boom! Also, his eyes looked soooooo natural I didn't even know he did surgery. Anyways, I wish for Ken Rhee's success career and I hope he'll get well known outside Korea too



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