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K-pop groups are timing their releases on international time instead of Korean time


Korean groups are starting to time their releases to match the American market.

Well, some of them that can afford to do it are, anyway. Most K-pop groups release songs at 6PM KST to take advantage of various factors, including chart-freezing time in Korea. However, big groups like BTSBLACKPINK, and SuperM are taking another route and releasing at 1PM KST - or midnight EST. 

These groups are trying to target the American market instead of the Korean market, and they can definitely afford to. BTS, BLACKPINK, and SuperM do well on Korean charts no matter what time they're released. Additionally, many comeback stages are happening on American TV shows rather than on the traditional Korean music show.

While some netizens believe that this just goes to show that K-pop is starting to really make a mark on international grounds. However, others are cautious and believe that K-pop may be starting to lose its Korean character.

What do you think?

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k_kid6,065 pts 23 days ago 8
23 days ago

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for big groups who can afford to do it. Unless, Kpop actually does start to lose its Korean aspect in their music and starts to focus all their energy mostly on trying to break into the American market by making it sound as western as possible.


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reamonntiu62 pts 23 days ago 12
23 days ago

Kpop is starting to sound western pop anyway. I mean it started by copying western pop in the first place, but it still had a distinct sound. But it's starting to disappear.


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