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Singer Jang Jae In reveals she's a sexual assault survivor


Singer Jang Jae In revealed she's a sexual assault survivor.

On September 22, Jang Jae In shared her experience with trauma as a sexual assault victim on social media. She stated, "Thank you. I started working on this album after that incident. After what happened, I received a call 1 year later when I was 19 that they caught the perpetrator. The person who did that to me and left... was a man around the same age as me."

She further revealed the perpetrator had been a victim of bullying, explaining that a group of people had coerced him into attacking her, "One winter, I was just passing by, and they saw me. Apparently, they promised him that if he did that to me, they wouldn't bother him." The singer continued"The reason why this was so hard to hear is that if he's also a victim what the hell am I? What have I been through? The thought of it was very heartbreaking." Jang Jae In then expressed she wanted to share her trauma as a way to help other victims who may be living with shame and guilt as she did in the past. 

Jang Jae In also revealed other hardships she's been through and some she's still going through, stating she suffered from extreme anxiety, seizures, shortness of breath, insomnia, and anorexia. She added, "Celebrating the end of the recording of such an old album today, and celebrating improvement due to constant psychotherapy. It look me 11 years to bring this up."

In other news, Jang Jae In was previously caught up in controversy after she alleged her ex-boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun had cheated on her. 

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Aga_C8,166 pts Tuesday, September 22, 2020 1
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I hope he still received a prison sentence. Regardless of his reasoning, he chose to do that to her. Torturing someone else just because you are being bullied is not a suitable excuse. You chose to ruin someone else's life to supposedly make yours easier? Thats selfish and cruel.

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Firdaus97258 pts Tuesday, September 22, 2020 0
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

This guy should be jailed for what he had done. Yes, being a bully victim is not a great experience at all but if there's anything that could help him that'd be through law. Yes of course, law could be a motherfucker to those in the lower class but the hope for justice is there although it could get troublesome to gain it. Ripping apart somebody's life for your own good does not make you any better than those who did it for fun/greed/lust vs you who did it because you were desperate for a way out of your problem. For me it made you worse because you literally put your misery first before other's. After this horrible tragedy, obviously people won't even acknowledge this person as a bully victim but rather a vicious sexual molester. Don't let your decision turn your status from being a victim to a perpetrator. When that happens, you won't even be able to gain the justice for your own misery and this guy is the representation of how such change of narratives could doom a person's life.

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