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Seventeen's Joshua, LOONA's Vivi, Rocket Punch's Juri, & more share their Chuseok holiday plans


South Korea's 2020 Chuseok holidays have arrived! Many K-Pop idols will be enjoying a 5-day break starting from September 30 through October 4. However, due to the unprecedented global COVID19 pandemic, many foreign idols won't have the opportunity to fly back home for the short time period. 

Media outlet 'E Daily' talked with 5 K-Pop idols who will be spending time away from their families this Chuseok, including Seventeen's Joshua, LOONA's Vivi, Rocket Punch's Juri, CLC's Sorn, and SECRET NUMBER's Dita

First, Rocket Punch's Juri shared her fun Chuseok holiday plans. "First, I'll have group practice, then individual vocal and dance practices. Lately, I've been into watching movies. When I go back to the dorm, I plan on watching a lot movies I've been wanting to see. I'm gonna start with 'Along With The Gods' which I've been the most curious about," the idol revealed. 

In addition, Juri gave a quirky answer to her wishes for the Chuseok holidays, stating, "I watched a lot a scary Korean movies recently. So I keep thinking about the scary ghosts in the movies and I get scared. I hope that nothing scary happens to us members, our fans, or our families." 

On the other hand, many idols currently preparing for their fall comebacks will be spending the holidays busily, like LOONA's Vivi. She shared, "We are making a comeback soon, so we have been practicing a lot and I've also started receiving personal training. I think we will be spending the holidays in the practice room, receiving choreography lessons. But since it's a special holiday, I do want to eat holiday dishes with the members." 

Vivi also talked about a time she spent Chuseok with member HyunJin's family once. "One time, I spent Chuseok at HyunJin's house. It was a really great opportunity for me to experience Korean culture, watching the family preparing the Chuseok dishes and holding family rituals." Lastly, Vivi wished for this year's holidays with, "I hope that we can all overcome this difficult situation soon so we can meet our fans in person and also see our families. And I also hope to make good memories after our group's comeback, promoting on music shows, variety programs, and various contents." 

CLC's Sorn, who has returned home to Thailand every year for the Chuseok holidays, will be spending her first Chuseok in Seoul this year. She said, "I won't be able to see my family, but fortunately, I have other foreigner friends who won't be able to travel back home either so I plan on spending time with my friends for the first time in a while." 

Next, Sorn relayed her wishes for the Chuseok holidays, with, "I hope that CLC will be very busy next year. We made our fans wait a whole year when we made our most recent comeback, so next year I want to promote without rest. When the COVID19 situation improves, I want to go on tour and perform at various events." 

Rookie girl group SECRET NUMBER's Indonesian member Dita will be spending her Chuseok holidays at the dorm once again this year, as the members are currently busy preparing for their new album! She commented, "We are preparing for our new album, so I think we will be practicing this Chuseok. We won't really have a holiday, but it's so we can return with a good image so I'm not disappointed. When we can enjoy the holidays next time, I want to dress up in hanbok with the members and take photos together." 

Dita then recalled spending Chuseok with her fellow member Lea last year. "When we were trainees last year for Chuseok, we were given time off so Lea unnie and I went to the flea market. We wanted to stop by a cafe on our way back but many of them were closed for the holidays, so I remember we spent a long time searching for somewhere open."  

Last but not least, Seventeen's Joshua also revealed the group's busy plans in light of their comeback, coming some time in October. "We are currently busy preparing for our new album, so please look forward to it. While everyone is enjoying their Chuseok holidays safely, please also listen to Seventeen songs," he started. The idol then talked about what he might do in his downtime this holiday season, revealing, "During the break, I think I'll spend time watching movies, reading, or making bead bracelets. Ever since our debut, we've been busy practicing during the Chuseok holidays. When we were given vacations, I usually went on trips, but this year I'll be at home."

Finally, Joshua wished everyone a healthy and happy Chuseok with delicious food. 

Happy Chuseok, everyone!

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