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Producer Bang Si Hyuk to be one of the top 5 richest executives in Korea once Big Hit Entertainment goes public


BTS had topped the Billboard 'HOT 100' chart this year and their agency, Big Hit Entertainment (Hereinafter Big Hit) is ready for an IPO (initial public offering).

There is a possibility that Bang Si Hyuk, the founder of Big Hit, could rank among the top five stock-rich executives in Korea as his company goes public. Big Hit is expected to be the 3rd big IPO of the year following the large IPOs that SK Biopharms and Kakao Games conducted in the 1st half of 2020.

First, Bang Si Hyuk is undoubtedly ranked in the top 20 of the nation's stock-rich executives. According to the Big Hit Securities report given on September 6th, Bang Si Hyuk holds equity of 12,377,337 shares in Big Hit, which is 43.44 percent of the total shares. 

If Big Hit is listed at an IPO price of 135,000 KRW per share (~114 USD), the top end of the public offering price, Bang's stock value will reach 1.67 trillion KRW (~1,405,788,966 USD).

This amount is 2.4 times greater than the stock wealth of 710 billion KRW (~597,635,542 USD of the combined wealth of the seven richest celebrities. The seven richest celebrities include J.Y. Park founder of JYP Entertainment (1st place with 256.6 billion KRW of JYP stock) and Lee Soo Man founder of SM Entertainment (2nd place with 170.7 billion KRW of SM stock). 

At this 135,000 KRW per share IPO price, Bang Si Hyuk will be listed as the 14th wealthiest executive in Korea even when looking at all publicly traded companies in Korea. This means he will surpass Lee Boo Jin, the chairman of Shilla Hotels, and Lee Seo Hyun, the Chairman of the Samsung Welfare Foundation

Bang Si Hyuk's ranking on the list will be expected to increase as many people are looking to buy shares in Big Hit Entertainment. In the case of SK Biopharm, the share price doubled on the first day of trading. After that, it continued to set new record highs for two consecutive trading days.

If the stock price for Big Hit has a similar increase like SK Biopharm enjoyed after the IPO, Bang Si Hyuk's stock holdings in Big Hit will be worth a whopping 4.344 trillion KRW (3.6 Billion USD).

The BTS members are also expected to receive a large chunk of shares. Last month, Bang Si Hyuk had allocated a total of 478,695 shares to the seven members. If the public offering price is set at 135,000 KRW, the members will have stocks worth approximately 9.2 billion KRW (7.7 million USD) per member. If the share price reaches a similar increase as SK Biopharm enjoyed, each member will have 24 billion KRW (20.2 million USD) worth of stock.

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papaya-oyl263 pts Thursday, September 10, 2020 0
Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wow he’s really rich! I also love that Bang PD gives his artists a lot more freedom than other companies. He guides them but in the end let’s them make their own choices and I think that’s so vital to the freedom of idols and what makes him such a great CEO and producer! Thanks to him for giving BTS the freedom to pursue their own goals!



Kirsty_Louise21,481 pts Thursday, September 10, 2020 0
Thursday, September 10, 2020

To think BigHit was on the brink of bankruptcy before BTS....DAMN!



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