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Jessi smartly snaps back at Jun Hyun Moo for his comment on her personality


Jessi has "snapped back" at Jun Hyun Moo for his comment on her personality.

On the September 12th installment of 'Omniscient Point of Interference', Jessi appeared as a guest alongside the permanent members, including MC Jun Hyun Moo. During the program, Jessi talked about how happy she is these days, thanks to her song "NUNU NANA".

"This is the highest up in the charts I have ever been with my music. It took me 15 years. I tear up every day," shared Jessi. Due to her recent success, the MCs were curious about any changes in her life, especially in terms of her relationships with close acquaintances. 

"No, nothing has changed. Not even with my manager. Everything's the same, because I am still the same person," said Jessi.

To this reaction, Jun Hyun Moo suddenly commented, "That's because your manager is scared of you."

However, Jessi retorted back to Jun Hyun Moo, "No, you don't know me, oppa."

Then, she continued kindly, "Oppa, after this recording, you're gonna like me a lot. I am not a scary person. I'm just an honest person."

After the broadcast, netizens shared how much they were fond of Jessi's actions. Some wrote: "I love how Jessi is like strong and soft at the same time. She handled it well with Jun Hyun Moo", "Her retort against what was possibly a comical but insensitive comment was well done", "Jun Hyun Moo can't win against Jessi...she is not like the other guests". 

In other news, Jessi recently made viewers laugh with yet another body language humor on tvN

Have you been enjoying Jessi's appearances on variety programs?

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trogdorthe8th10,136 pts Sunday, September 13, 2020 2
Sunday, September 13, 2020

Proud of her for pushing back against those stereotypes about her. A strong woman doesn't mean a scary woman, and while I get that they do those things for commentary they really need to cut this whole "Jessi's scary because she's outspoken" title. It's tired and well-past outdated.


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pink_oracle11,784 pts Sunday, September 13, 2020 10
Sunday, September 13, 2020

"I am not a scary person. I'm just an honest person."

But to backwards men a woman who isn't afraid to be honest is terrifying.😄


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