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Fans think the best part of BTS's 'In the SOOP' reality series is watching the members openly advertising all of their endorsed products in one program


Fans can't get over just how obsessed the BTS members are with promoting all of their endorsed products on JTBC's 'In The SOOP'!

As many of you know, the BTS members are currently greeting viewers through a relaxing new travel reality program, 'In The SOOP'. The program follows BTS as each member composes a schedule of activities for each day, spending their time away from the stage, work, and city life by enjoying nature, hobbies, food, and companionship. There is no consultation or communication between the BTS members and the filming staff, and the program is known for being entirely unscripted

However, despite the fact that no one is telling the BTS members what to do, what to say, or which products to endorse, the boys have been overly obsessed with promoting many of their endorsed products... just because! Check out several instances where fans caught the BTS boys hilariously endorsing products at random times, below!

RM: leaves his phone outside. It starts to rain.

RM: goes out to get his phone. "Oh good, it's still works. Thank goodness for Samsung." 

SUGA after waking up in the morning: "My eyes feel so dim~ I'm trying to read a book but my eyes feel so dim... I didn't bring my glasses. If your eyes feel dim, then just take Korean red ginseng from Cheong Kwan Jang (smiles at the camera with the vitamin bottle)."

SUGA while driving a Hyundai car: "Aha~ The handle keeps locking in place because of the 'no-swerving into the other lane' and 'no-swerving away from the road' features?"

Jin: "It's not gonna crack even if I climb up on this, right?"

SUGA: "It won't, it won't. Hyundai cars aren't that flimsy."

J-Hope: "Wow, this fridge is really nice~!!"

Jungkook: "After this show I'm gonna claim this fridge. It's Samsung."

Jimin: "No.Way.How.Can.Such.An.Amazing.Refrigerator.Exist?"

The same Jimin from the fridge commentary: "No.way.Isn't.This.That.Amazing.[Chilsung]Cider?"

Also Jimin: "No.Way.If.You.Bring.This.Kind.Of.Meat.On.A.Trip.Wouldn't.It.Be.So.Nice? This.Meat.Must.Be.Hello Nature? Meat is definitely best from Hello Nature! (thumbs up at the camera)"

Jimin again: "When you're thirsty, drink [Chilsung] Cider!"

SUGA: makes drip coffee in the morning.

Also SUGA: takes out BTS's Paldo Cold Crew and takes a sip.

Also SUGA: Shows the cold brew bottle to the camera.

BTS: "Let's go around and count from one to seven with the [Chilsung] cider~"

SUGA: "I'm Il(one)-sung."

Jimin: "Yi(two)-sung."

Jin: "I'm Sam(three)-sung!"

RM: "I'm Sa(four)-sung."

V: "I'm Oh(five)-sung."

J-Hope: "I'm Yook(six)-sung."

Jungkook: "Hey? I'm... Chil(seven)-sung!"

BTS: All drinks Chilsung Cider.

[Note: JTBC's 'In The SOOP' is sponsored by Chilsung Cider!]

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killthislove002,511 pts Wednesday, September 16, 2020 0
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I like that they are playful with their endorsements. Instead of just posting serious things about them on social media, they are open and joking about the products, while still being respectful to them. The cider counting was cute!



MyEuphoria4,938 pts Wednesday, September 16, 2020 0
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Get that bread Bangtan!!! 🤣

Hilarious and charismatic. 💜



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