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Actress Park Han Byul hides her real name while making reservations for golfing due to her husband's controversy


Recent activities of actress Park Han Byul have been reported; It was reported that Park Han Byul was seen at a golf course in Jeju Island.

According to reports from witnesses, Park Han Byul hid her name while making reservations at the golf course due to her husband's trials on arranging prostitution.

Since the former CEO of Yuri Holdings, Yoo In Suk, was put on trial on charges involving the "Burning Sun Scandal", Park Han Byul had sold off all their assets in Seoul and moved to Jeju Island with her husband and son.

Since then, she was seen at golf clubs from time to time. There have been reports from witnesses who claimed to have met her at the golf course.

It seemed that Park Han Byul was cautious about the public eye. She made the reservations under another person's name and was seen wearing a hat covering her face.

According to media outlets, it was reported that Park Han Byul concentrating on caring for her son with occasional visits to the golf course.

Park Han Byul had gone through much heartache due to her husband's involvement in the burning sun incident. However, it was reported she was regaining comfort and stability after moving to Jeju Island.

Park Han Byul's husband, Yoo In Suk had been pinpointed as one of the individuals involved in Seungri's burning sun scandal. He is on trial for paying 1.2 million KRW (~1,012 USD) with company funds after playing golf with a police chief, who was also part of Seungri's group chat.

Yoo In Suk is also on trial for mediating prostitution for the overseas investors.

Last month, Yoo In Suk made a final statement for his trial stating, "Please give me a chance to live a proper life as a husband and father."

While his wife, Park Han Byul wrote a petition to the judge asking for her husband to be on trial without detention. She stated in the letter, "My husband has no intention of fleeing or avoiding this trial. I promise as his wife that will attend each trial so I ask for him to be on trial without detention."

Meanwhile, Park Han Byul married Yoo In suk back in 2017 and gave birth to their son the following year.

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28 days ago

Wow seriously, unbelievable. I just can't.



ForeverStressed131 pts 19 days ago 0
19 days ago

You guys can stay fuming and be furious all you want about this but on the other hand I am happy about this situation this woman she's truly different from the rest of the Koreans. Pride Pride Pride Pride is all these people think about. "have you no shame in your Family?" dumb line. Hate It. Get rid of it.

She still has faith in her man which brings joy to my heart "Please give me a chance to live a proper life as a husband and father." that there gives me hope he'll change once his trials and consequences are done with.

Glad she's giving her spouse a 2nd chance to redeem himself.



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