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WINNER Song Min Ho's Korean tattoos gain attention for their originality


Song Min Ho's Korean tattoos has been gaining attention.

On a popular community forum, a fan compiled a list of WINNER member Song Min Ho's Korean tattoos. Known to have many tattoos, Song Min Ho had a few exceptionally original ones written in Korean. The phrases themselves may be well-known and ordinary, but their uses as tattoo as rather uncommon in Korea. They are phrases often used in traditional or conservative settings, ones used in schools for the young, for example. Netizens found the uses of such phrases as permanent tattoos playfully ironic.

The phrases that he has inked on his body are:

"Upright Attitude/Posture" (left); "Clear Mind" (right)

"You did well" (homework stamp)


"Imagination" (the letters fuse with the infinity sign)

image of hahoe mask (traditional Korean mask)\

"Hope tomorrow's condition is good"

"Don't Like It" (in slurred slang form)

Because the phrases are usually approval stamps given at schools, Song min Ho's decision to tattoo them on himself are like reminders of self-love.

Do you like Song Min Ho's tattoo? Some netizen comments include:

"There are some people who get misspelled alphabet tattoos but these ones written in original Korean are so smart and cute"

"Probably looks cool because it's Song Min Ho -- but I also want to try some haha"

"Don't Like It lol....so cute"

"The ones like 'Upright Attitude/Posture' and 'Clear Mind' are like the ones that the order generation would get after getting reformed lol"

"the Korean is so cute! I should like to see more people getting them"

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quark1239518,308 pts Sunday, August 30, 2020 0
Sunday, August 30, 2020

I realize it's probably different when you're actually in Korea and it's your language, but from a Western standpoint the Hangul really makes them stand out. Most people here go for Chinese/Japanese characters for tattoos so they certainly stand out in my eyes.



loveee.b157 pts Monday, August 31, 2020 0
Monday, August 31, 2020
The worst tattoo he does have, is that Playboy one. Eeeesh tacky but everything else is nice. The trend of tattooing is so different now. Such random placements but it works



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