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PALOALTO steps down as CEO of Hi-Lite Records


PALOALTO has announced that he will step down as CEO of Hi-Lite Records.

On August 30 KST, rapper PALOALTO took to Hi-Lite Records's official Instagram and revealed that he will be leaving his post as the CEO of the company. After maintaining his position for 10 years, since 2010, PALOALTO has decided that he will focus solely on his career as a musician.

He thanked his label artists one last time as a CEO and asked for the public to continue their support for Hi-Lite Records. PALOALTO will remain in the company as a rapper-producer. That same evening, PALOALTO also dropped his single "Let The Story Begin" that contains lyrics of his story as a CEO for 10 years.

Meanwhile, media outlets noted how many rappers have been consecutively stepping down as CEOs in their respective companies. Following Simon D's resignation as CEO from AOMG, rapper Swings also stepped down from his post at IMJMWDP earlier this year.

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안녕하세요, 하이라이트레코즈(Hi-Lite Records) 입니다. 2010년부터 2020년까지 대표의 자리에서 하이라이트레코즈를 이끌어 온 팔로알토(Paloalto)가 오늘부로 대표이사직에서 물러나 뮤지션 본업 활동에 전념하기로 결정하였습니다. 지난 10년간 하이라이트레코즈의 대표로서 소속 아티스트들과 임직원들 곁을 든든하게 지켜준 그의 노고에 큰 감사를 표하며, 앞으로도 멋진 아티스트로서 하이라이트레코즈와 함께할 팔로알토에게 큰 박수와 응원 부탁드립니다. 이와 함께 잠시 후 오후 6시, 대표 전상현으로서의 10년간의 소회를 담은 싱글 ‘Let the Story Begin’이 발표됩니다. 감사합니다.

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Rappers are wrapping up as CEOs.



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Sunday, August 30, 2020

this is the kinda news i visit allkpop for. not "a random moon scientist tweeted about a bts song"



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