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Kim Gu Ra asks what's the difference between the main vocal and lead vocal in a group?


On August 28th, Kim Gu Ra premiered an episode on his YouTube channel trying to get an answer for the question many netizens, if not all, are curious about - Who divides the parts to idol songs.

In the episode, Kim Gu Ra visited songwriter RADO of Black Eyed Pilseung. Black Eyed Pilseung is known to have produced many idol songs such as TWICE's "CHEER UP".

Kim Gu Ra went to hear the explanation about how the parts of the TWICE songs were divided among the members. This was when Kim Gu Ra asked about what is the difference between the main vocal and the lead vocal. He explained that he had heard the two were different and wanted to hear what the difference was from a song producer.

Kim Gu Ra joked, "Are the two titles given for the sake that the members' parents don't feel bad?" but RADO explained that the lead vocal and main vocals are the singers who would set the stability to the song, therefore, they would be the best singers of the group.

However, Kim Gu Ra asked what the differentiation of the two was in which he didn't get a clear understanding.

Netizens' Commented:

"Isn't it Main > Lead > Sub vocals and decided by the singing skills of the members?"

"I think before there was only a lead vocal position a long time ago but that increase since there are more members in today's idol groups."

"LOL, that's pretty funny. they're the titles for their parents to not feel bad."

"I think the main vocals are the singers who can hit high notes and lead vocals are those with unique vocal colors."

"What I heard was that the singers who are able to set the tone for the song become the lead vocals so that the rest of the members can follow that tune."

"I think the difference between the lead singer and main singer is like the first place and second place for the best singers in the group."
"I think it's just different for every company and every group isn't it?"

"I think the lead vocals usually sings the beginning of the song so the other members can be guided. isn't that why it's called lead vocal? and the main vocals are the singers who are really good singers who can hit high notes."

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xx-jenn-xx5,766 pts Friday, August 28, 2020 16
Friday, August 28, 2020

Honestly that's a good question and that guy still didnt really answer it...

The Main Vocalist is usually the member with the best singing technique, who gets the most difficult vocal parts. ... Sometimes the Lead Vocalist sings the chorus, while the Main Vocalist does the ad-libs. The Lead Vocalist is usually the member with the 2nd best singing technique.


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Winston4,647 pts Friday, August 28, 2020 0
Friday, August 28, 2020

i think back in the days of FinKL and Wonder Girls, there are only 4 or 5 members in a group, so the naming convention of the roles are less complex, its just 1 person to be main vocal, 1 main dancer, 1 main rapper, and the rest were just sub of this and that.

but as the members got to 9 and more, it become more complex to name the roles.

i feel Main is like the "1 and only" Top role, like the "Captain", like Main vocal, main dancer, there should only be 1 such member in a group, then Lead vocals are like the "Sergeants", important but not as key as the Main, and then the rest is sub vocals, who probably get like 1 or 2line to a song, but fill in other roles like Dance break or rapping.

The problem i think is some members become too good, that they end up being, like "Leader, Main Vocal, Cente/Visual"



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