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DAY6's Dowoon & Wonpil open up about their close bond + how they are spending their time away from the stage


DAY6 members and unit group Even of Day members Dowoon and Wonpil took part in a stylish and classy pictorial for the September issue of 'Dazed'!

Demonstrating a mature, subdued vibe in their pictorial preview cuts, Dowoon and Wonpil also opened up about their relationship, their upcoming unit debut, and more during their interview. First, when asked how the two members are spending their time off-stage as a result of COVID19, Wonpil said, "We are working on individual music, we also practice together here and there, and attend broadcast schedules. It is a time to reinvent ourself individually." Dowoon also shared, "I think this is a really important time. When we had our schedules full with live shows, there wasn't enough time for individual practice. There are some things you can improve at by doing live shows... But it's difficult to improve your individual capabilities in music. I want to use this time to enhance my skills as much as possible, and show fans my improvement next time we do a live show." 

Next, Dowoon and Wonpil reflected on how much they mean to one another as individuals. Wonpil remarked, "It's a little embarrassing, but I really think of Dowoon as someone I cherish. Even when I'm not spending time with him or near him, I just feel like he's a special person to me." Dowoon responded with, "Wonpil hyung is like another mom to me. We are different people and different people tend to have different emotions or different conditions, but Wonpil hyung always approaches me in an unchanging way. It's as if he thinks he shouldn't be fazed or shaken even when others are, and he always assures those near him with a sense of peace." 

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