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BTS reveals the reason for releasing an all-English single and the challenges behind it in an interview with USA TODAY


Recently, BTS held an interview with USA TODAY and spoke about their reasons for making an all-English single along with the challenges they had to face during the COVID19 pandemic.

We all know BTS is the Kpop boy group that have set world records and wrote history with their many awards and world-records. Now they have taken on a new challenge by releasing a song that is completely in English. In the interview they held with USA TODAY, the group has stated that the most difficult part about making "Dynamite" was stepping out of their comfort zone as they break their boundaries of singing in their native tongue. 

Jungkook stated, "It was more interesting than hard. It was an interesting kind of challenge" as RM stated that this project was a  "Fun hard" challenge.

Previously, the group stated they didn't plan in singing completely in English because they did not want to change their identity. However, things change just as the whole world didn't expect the coronavirus pandemic to take place.

BTS stated they wanted to do something good for everyone around the world as we all face the difficulties. RM stated, "Who would have thought about this pandemic? No meetings, no karaokes, or concerts. We can't walk around the park even. So we never thought to fully sing this song in English. The thought just came to us during the process of making our album."

BTS' fandom stretches worldwide as they have a following worldwide. Now, the fans will be able to enjoy the group's music in other than Korean or Japanese as they release the English song "Dynamite" on August 21st KST.

The members also talked about how they have been coping with this pandemic as their concerts have all been canceled.

J-Hope stated, "I was thinking about what will lift me up when we're in this unavoidable situation. I concluded that music and dancing always lift me up so I've been trying to listen to music, write music, and dance."

BTS wanted to let all their fans know that through this time of difficulty that they're not in it alone.

They stated, "We think it's time for us to bring ourselves together and encourage each other and overcome these difficulties together."

You can read the full article on USA TODAY's website in the link here.

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xx-jenn-xx5,766 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 6
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I see nothing wrong with an english song, it doesn't take away from who they are, I think it gives more exposure and more opportunities to reach new fans. I love hearing them sing in korean but sometimes an all english song is great to hear!


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killthislove002,511 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

These really are unprecedented times and they know they have a big American fanbase who are going through a hard time right now too. I'm thankful for getting another comeback this year, and a new album!



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