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CLC's Yeeun names Hyoyeon as the toughest 'Good Girl' member + gives a group comeback spoiler


In light of the recent finale of Mnet's music competition program 'Good Girl', CLC's Yeeun took part in a casual media interview to update fans on what she's been up to lately, plus more. 

First, Yeeun answered in response to what she's been up to since the end of 'Good Girl', "I took a break, and now we are focussing on CLC's comeback. I haven't seen the 'Good Girl' bunnies since we finished the show. We said we would get together when we had time, but I wasn't able to go." 

Next, Yeeun was asked which 'Good Girl' is the toughest member, in her opinion. She said, "It's just a concept that many of the unnies have, but in truth they are all sweet. Jamie, Jiwoo, and I got matching couple necklaces. They wear them all the time. One time, when I didn't wear mine they scolded me, saying, 'Are you embarrassed of us' and 'Where's your necklace, I'm disappointed'. All 10 of us are close and we have fun."

She continued, "If I had to choose, the one with the toughest outer appearance is Cheetah unnie. But her heart is warm and sensitive. During filming, we celebrated her birthday with a party. She got teary and said, 'This is the first time I've experienced such a warm Mnet recording'. The one with the tough heart is Hyoyeon unnie. After talking with her a few times, I could tell that she has a strong interior. She also has a strong aura about her, as an idol sunbae. Even if she arrives to practice late because of her schedules, she picks up the dance moves rights away and you can't tell that she didn't practice as long." 

Finally, Yeeun discussed her plans for the future, moving forward. She relayed, "I would like to showcase a wider range of music and performances, as a singer. I recently submitted a powerpoint presentation and a proposal to our company about CLC's comeback ideas. If I were to share a spoiler about our comeback, I'd say it's a 'cool' concept."

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

CLC Comeback Yes

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Im glad she seems to have gained way more confidence after Good Girl

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