Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, July 23, 2020

Childhood friends ASTRO's Moonbin & GFriend's SinB make netizens laugh with their real-life chemistry once again


On July 23, childhood friends ASTRO's Moonbin and GFriend's SinB ran into each other "at work" again on this week's broadcast of 'Show Champion'!

Moonbin is currently active as a 'Show Champion' MC, and GFriend appeared on this week's 'Show Champion' to hold their "Apple" comeback stage. GFriend also happened to be one of the first place nominees on this day, and so the girls had a brief interview with the MCs. 

Moonbin: (being extra) "Wow, SinB, it's perfectly in sync! So cool!"

SinB: (makes a face)

SinB: "Yes, now that we proved our synchronization, Moonbin, why don't you also show us."

Moonbin: (dances to 'Apple')

Moonbin: (a puppy begging for a 'Good boy!')

SinB: (minuscule nod)

Moonbin: "Whooooaaaaa!!"

SinB: (not even a glance)

Moonbin: (way too excited about interviewing his friend)

SinB: (too early in the morning for this)

Moonbin after GFriend wins #1: (jazz hands!)

SinB: (sit down)

And fans of course had to point out that this was definitely not the first time this has happened...

Netizens commented with laughter, "Moonbin looks like that really energetic younger cousin and SinB looks like the mature older cousin who babysits everyone", "An overexcited puppy and a feisty cat kekekeke", "What a beautiful friendship kekekeke", "I bet their parents are so proud of them for growing up so well", "Whenever SinB meets Moonbin 'at work' she gets so savage and whenever Moonbin meets SinB he gets so extra kekekeke", "SinB's facial expressions kekekekekeke", and more!

As many fans know, same-age friends Moonbin and SinB have known each other since they were 8-years old, working together as child actors or child models prior to their idol debuts. 

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deza7744214 pts Thursday, July 23, 2020 0
Thursday, July 23, 2020

Surprised SinB didn't punch Moonbin this time lol



mattrevelee95 pts Thursday, July 23, 2020 0
Thursday, July 23, 2020

Our 98line so cutee...



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