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NCT's Taeyong trends worldwide on Twitter as fans defend him against past bullying allegations


NCT's Taeyong is trending worldwide as fans defend him against continued bullying allegations against him. 

Fans are using the hashtags #AlwaysHereForTaeyong and #태용이의_사랑은_툥프들이_알아 (We know Taeyong's love) to express their support of the idol in light of negative perceptions held by the public due to previous allegations that he was a perpetrator of school violence. 

Posts include: 

Taeyong has been facing criticism for his past actions, leading to fans taking to social media to voice their opinions on the matter. 

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26 days ago

again with this? When will people leave taeyong alone


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26 days ago

ever since nct's debut i've been dealing with this and its so tiresome

it just never ends. always the negative comments "Well you stan a bully and a scammer" etc "taeyong doesnt do anything. taeyong isn't good at anything"

just hate for no reason

every few months there is something new from his accuser

even though he apologized!!!

now its "i tried to kill myself cause nctzen are viciously bullying me"

why are people so dead set on going after taeyongie and nctzens

were just trying to live for gods sake

i would like to gently suggest that this person needs therapy not anything more from taeyong/nctzens


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