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Jongup talks to allkpop about debuting solo, staying close with B.A.P members, and more!


Jongup sat down for an exclusive interview with allkpop.

The B.A.P member signed with The Groove Company in November last year, and recently debuted solo with his single "Headache". "Headache" is a funk-pop song with a hip hop rhythm. Jongup talked about his solo debut, staying in contact with B.A.P members, and more. Check out his interview below!

1. Tell us about your solo debut single.

  • "Headache" is a funk-pop genre that has Jongup's unique powerful energy and emotions. The song's melody is more comfortable and catchier than B.A.P songs. It is a song that starts with a hip hop rhythm and a piano riff that makes a luxurious harmony with the fresh beat, synth, and an addicting melody.

2. Do you have any fun stories from preparing to debut solo? Tell us about the hardest parts and the most fun parts.

  • The most fun part was the MV filming. The filming itself was fun, but in the MV, there's a scene that I filmed with my friends. It was shooting with my friends, so filming was easy, and I felt like I made another lasting memory with them. It's what I remember the most and what I had the most fun with. 
  • The hardest part was that because I was going solo, I had to think about everything from start to finish, which was different from when I was in a group. It was my first time so it was a little hard, but I had fun.

3. You're one of the last B.A.P members to debut solo. Do you still talk to the other members? Did they have any advice?

  • The members sent me a lot of supportive texts. They told me to enjoy myself on stage.

4. Tell us the pros and cons of being a solo artist as compared to being in a group.

  • The pros are that in a group, everyone has what they're in charge of, so you just had to do the best in what you were in charge of, but as a solo, I had to take care of everything, so Jongup's color is shown the best.
    As for the cons, it's that I had to really pay attention to every single thing because I needed to make sure everything was the highest quality.

5. There are a lot of male solos out right now. How is Jongup different?

  • There are a lot of people who are very talented lately. However, I would say my unique talent is that I jump around the stage and enjoy the stage a lot.

6. You're in your 8th year of debut already! How does it feel having so many hoobaes?

  • Because everyone is so talented lately, I watch them and learn a lot. I think to myself that I have to work even harder so I can be a good sunbae and role model to the hoobaes.

7. Do you have any words of advice to people who dream of becoming singers?

  • I hope to see you on stage later. I'll support you in my heart. Fighting.

8. Recently, your fandom name was decided to be 'MOONW4LK'. Can you tell us about the meaning?

  • My fans actually decided it for me through an event. It's a combination of the words 'Moon' (from his last name) and 'Walk'. It's not just a combination of the meaning of the two words but indicates that we will always look in the same direction, go through the seasons, and walk together. The reason why the number 4 was used instead of the letter A is that 4 and A look similar. Using 4 instead differentiates from the original word and makes Jongup's own 'MOONW4LK'. Since 4 is pronounced 'four' and sounds similar to 'for' in English, it means, 'Four seasons', 'Four directions', 'Together Forever', and 'For Jongup.'

9. You've started the application for your official fanclub now that your fans have their official name. Tell us something special about the official fanclub.

  • First and foremost, Jongup is there, and I'll make your life higher quality. Everyone is exhausted because of COVID19, and I'll become their energy through various contents.

10. Please tell us the point choreography for "HEADACHE."

  • During the chorus, there's a hand motion that hits the temple twice to express a headache. That's the point choreography.

11. Please tell us about what's coming up next for you.

  • I'm going to show you Jongup more and more, and I'll bring an album that imprints the name 'Jongup' to the public. Please look forward to it. Thank you.

You can check out Jongup's "Headache" here.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

TS ent are so shitty for the way they treated these talented men and ruined a perfect group with massive amounts of potential, but i'm so happy they're staying in contact and remaining optimistic



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Monday, June 8, 2020

Aweee BAP really was that group !! I hope to see them all together again one day.



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