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Fans notice NCT Dream's Jaemin making rare mistakes on stage, leave mixed reactions in comments


After becoming involved in online community dating rumors earlier this week, netizens noticed NCT Dream member Jaemin making some rare mistakes on stage, during a recent recording for the group's "Ridin'" comeback stage. 

One netizen pointed out, "He rarely ever makes mistakes on stage, but this time he made mistakes on both songs... Twitter is still rampant with malicious comments, and I just feel bad for him..."

However, other netizens had mixed reactions after dating rumors from earlier this week, with comments like, "I mean sure it was his girlfriend who fudged up but honestly, he didn't do anything to earn applause either? The people who are the most hurt right now are his fans", "It's not just the dating, it's the timing. The fans were so fired up to set all kinds of records this comeback, and then that situation just poured ice cold water over everyone", "He's young, he's rich, he wears expensive luxury couple items with his pretty girlfriend, what's there to feel sorry for him about", etc. 

Others simply stated, "Criticize the dating, that's fair; but don't attack him as a person", "I mean after what he's probably been through in the last few days how can you blame him", "Dating isn't a bad thing, why are people getting so worked up...", "If you don't like him anymore than just leave quietly and let the fans who just want to see him on stage do what they do in peace", "If you're a fan shouldn't you be happy for him... celebs are just regular people too", and more. 

Did you catch NCT Dream's comeback stages on this week's music programs?

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paluten187erz817 pts Sunday, May 3, 2020 0
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Everybody makes mistakes its human. Leave the poor boy alone, in a relationship or not he doesn't deserve any hate just like others



Italiacv227 pts Sunday, May 3, 2020 0
Sunday, May 3, 2020

everyone acting like the rumours are true when they haven't been confirmed, based on a screenshot that could have any explanation. also since when sharing a Netflix account means youre dating someone? and if they are dating WHO GIVES A FFFFFFFF. Nana is 100x a better person and more dedicated than any of these antis, he's not even my ult but it makes me so mad seeing the way people act towards idols. THEY ARE JUST PEOPLE, TOO.



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