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Over 160,000 subscribers cancel 'Workman' after IlBe scandal


Subscribers are canceling 'Workman'.

Jang Sung Kyu's channel 'Workman' had recently hit 4 million subscribers. However, their most recent episode used the term 'nomu' to describe labor. The word 'nomu' is the phrase used by Ilgan Best users when they are deriding former President Roh Moo Hyun. 'Nomu' is not only the incorrect term for physical labor (it is used to describe hard office work), but the PD had the same issue when he was working for 'Running Man'.

Angry subscribers immediately canceled their subscription, and at time of writing, 'Workman' had lost over 160,000 subscribers. 

You can check out the channel here and the problematic episode here.

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pandaleee-929 pts Sunday, March 15, 2020 1
Sunday, March 15, 2020

You guys are SO. DUMB. Overreacting? Grammar error? You guys always know zilch about any korean issues and use any and every opportunity to talk sh*t about knetz... your ignorance isn't an excuse to make dumb remarks without knowing anything about the issue. This ilbe group makes nasty comments about other's families, made fun of students that passed away during the Sewol Ferry accident by calling them fish cake, etc etc. And this same PD made the same "mistake" of using words used on the ilbe community TWICE. A coincidence? A grammar error? Stop being dumb and shut up if you're just gonna make yourself look dumb af. You guys are as nasty as them if you're gonna blame knetz for "overreacting as usual"... being dumb isn't an excuse for talking sh*t about others if you didn't do your research

What's the point of me explaining all this for EVERY allkpop article with the highest voted comment being "Knetz are soooo nasty and dumb... they always talk sh*t about others" - you guys are such hypocrites... even after me explaining all this you're gonna go to another article and write the same exact thing without doing your research for upvotes... use your brain for once and think about why knetz react a certain way about issues instead of reading one allkpop article and jumping on the bandwagon to talk crap about knetz because everyone's doing it


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Saturday, March 14, 2020




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