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'Amazing Saturday', 'Yoo Quiz on the Block', etc to take a break from broadcasts after CJ staff member tests positive for Coronavirus


On March 31, CJ ENM released an official statement updating the public on their responsive measures, after a staff member from Olive TV's 'Bob Bless U' tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID19). 

According to CJ ENM, all individuals who came in contact with this staff member have tested negative for COVID19 so far, including all of the cast members of 'Bob Bless U'. However, there are a few fellow staff members still awaiting testing. 

As an additional measure of response, CJ ENM plans on placing the entire main building in quarantine temporarily. The agency stated, "All employees have been working from home since February 27 with the exception of absolutely necessary personnel, but in order to further prevent any spread of COVID19, the entire CJ ENM building will be temporarily quarantined beginning on march 29." 

As a result, tvN programs including 'Yoo Quiz on the Block' and 'Amazing Saturday - Doremi Market', as well as Olive TV's 'Hungry But Lazy?' will be taking a brief break from broadcasts. 'Yoo Quiz on the Block' will go on break for 2 weeks including on April 1 and April 8. 'Amazing Saturday' will go on break for 1 week on April 4, and 'Hungry But Lazy?' will also go on break for 1 week on April 3. 

Meanwhile, the above 'Bob Bless U' staff member in question is reported to have experienced COVID19 symptoms after traveling to New York, United States. Olive TV's 'Bob Bless U' will also be taking a break from broadcasts for approximately 2 weeks. 

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jokbal_is_yum3,798 pts Tuesday, March 31, 2020 0
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sad to hear people are still getting infected, so yes - this is the best course of action.
Hope the whole K entertainment industry survives - SK and the rest of the world is VERY much in need of entertainment now.



makemoneywithusa (Banned)-28 pts Tuesday, March 31, 2020 0
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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