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Posted by eric_r_wirsing Monday, March 23, 2020

[Album and MV Review] Sejeong – 'Plant'



Track List:

1. Plant *Title

2. Hopes for Tomorrow


4. Swim Away

5. In My Dream

Gugudan singer Kim Sejeong has just debuted with her first-ever EP. She co-wrote the music and lyrics for all of the songs on the mini-album. It contains five new tracks including the title track "Plant."

"Plant" is a ballad driven by both piano and Sejeong's angelic voice. In this song, she likens herself to a plant (green needing a pot, etc.) and it's a gorgeous song. One of the things I like about this girl is how expressive she is. She demonstrates this on "Hopes for Tomorrow." It's a contemplative tune, talking about the dark times she's going through. It has a happy ending though -- she's going back to the one who made her smile. "SKYLINE" is where it gets lively. She's showed us her soft side, now she puts her impressive set of lungs on display. Her voice soars all over the track. It's a breakup tune where she longs to see the guy again. I love that this song kicks off the higher tempo material.

"Swim Away" is another upbeat song, like the last. It has singer-songwriter qualities. Her voice is clear and lovely here and I like the synth effects in the chorus. The message of the song is interesting -- it's about being happier by moving away from pain. We slow it back down to a whispery ballad "In My Dream." An acoustic guitar is the only instrument we hear for a while until a violin finds its way in there. I love how stripped down the tune is. It really showcases her incredible voice.

Sejeong is a gifted singer, and its time they let her prove it. And while it isn't a proper debut, its enough to whet the appetite. She has a fantastic voice, and this is just a peek into what could be if they give us a full album. I noticed there were no real playful songs on the EP. That could indicate how serious they are. I'm just finally glad she finally got her time to shine.


The action starts in a trailer or motorhome. She's inside that contraption with a profusion of plastic bags. The ones she touches contain water, among other things. Venturing outside, she greets the morning sun. And she dances as plastic bags rise all around her. It's kind of a weird video, narratively speaking.

But I have to give credit where credit is due. They did a good job filming this. I love the ray of light she dances in, and her trailer is decorated nicely. The colors pop, too. They probably blew most of their budget on plastic bags.

And Sejeong moves gracefully here. I have to wonder if she had ballet lessons because her moves are so controlled and practiced. This MV makes her look so elegant.

Yeah, I like this, it was fun to watch. And married to a beautiful song like "Plant," you can't ask for much more.


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jynpk0 pt Wednesday, March 25, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

"An acoustic guitar is the only instrument we hear for a while until a violin finds its way in there". That is very clearly a cello, not a violin. It seems whoever wrote this review does not have basic knowledge of stringed instruments. Other than that, I agree with the praise of Sejeong's expressiveness.



coco_puffs-3,201 pts Monday, March 23, 2020 0
Monday, March 23, 2020

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