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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon says she'll be focusing on treatment next year


Girls' Generation's Taeyeon says she'll be focusing on treatment next year.

On December 31, Taeyeon left a letter from the heart to fans before the New Year. She wrote on Instagram that she'll be focusing on recovering from negative emotions. She wrote:

"I try my best to think of good memories because it's so hard and harsh to think on back on bad memories. I'm not sure why I see the scars that are still there, and it's depressing and painful. In 2020, I'll be focusing more on recovery treatment, and I hope that I'll be able to comfort myself more and gain ease. Because I know myself the most. Everyone, love a lot. When you can love despite what may come of it. #Goodbye '19 #Come quickly '20."

Fans are connecting Taeyeon's note to her post this past June when she revealed she was undergoing treatment for depression.

In other news, Taeyeon will be holding her 'Taeyeon Concert the Unseen' concert from January 17-19 KT.

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18 days ago

Money dont buy happiness n yet we still want it so bad


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18 days ago

Karma never forgets, taeyeon is not a good person, her hatred about Jessica is still so toxic, little by little the new kpop fans will realize who taeyeon really is.

taeyeon's "depression" is only the product of her hatred and envy that she feels for any female idols or any female artists who have achieved more success than her.

why do many people hate her a lot? There are so many reasons, many ppl hate taeyeon because she is a narcissist, racist, plastic, egocentric, false, mythomaniac, popularity seeker and selfish.

According to some korean ex-sones they have said that taeyeon just trying to catch a very famous boy/man, to achieve more fame and popularity, she already did it with an member from exo during the exo era ( cause dating someone very famous gives her more fame and popularity, so fast). About her supposed treatment is just an excuse to manipulate and move everyone around him.


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