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Ahn Joon Young: "All Members of IZ*ONE, X1 and One Member of Wanna One Were All Decided Before Viewers Voted"


The Produce 101 world suffered another devastating blow upon the confession of Produce program director Ahn Joon Young, already beleaguered by proof that MNet committed fraud and strong suspicion of accepting sexual favors in exchange for favorable results, when he also confessed that every single member of both IZ*one and X1 were decided through fraud and without any consideration of fan votes, sparking yet another wave of fan outrage.

The embattled PD also confessed one member of Wanna One was placed in the final group through fraud leading to netizen speculation of which Wanna One candidate was robbed of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Article: "Kang
Dong Ho, Kim Jong Hyun, and Kim Samuel are supposed to be in the debut
group?" Poster uploaded by mistake by 'Produce 101' producer earns
attention again

Source: Mydaily via Nate
1. [+603, -31] I did think it was a waste to let the three go..
including Jung Sewoon.. but in the end, it was only one of them that was
swapped out.

2. [+520, -46] Poor Kim Samuel, what are we to do. His father could've possibly seen him debut.
3. [+486, -11] So the question is which one is the real member and which one replaced him?...
4. [+67, -9] I was horrified when I saw Park Woojin and Yoon Jisung
debut... I thought my eyes were weird because apparently so many others
liked them;;'
5. [+60, -7] Yoon Jisung, Kim Jaehwan, and Ha Sungwoon aren't up there..
6. [+60, -12] I always thought Kim Samuel stood out with his dancing and
singing so it was unbelievable when his rank dropped later on along
with his screentime. Aigoo~
7. [+48, -6] This is exactly what we thought...
8. [+46, -4] It really was weird seeing Kim Jonghyun and Samuel get eliminated
9. [+33, -1] I personally don't understand how YJS and LDH made it in....
10. [+25, -4] Yoon Jisung is under MMO... a company under CJ... just pointing that out...
11. [+25, -8] Looks like KJH was swapped out for KJH ㅋㅋ how fitting, even their acronyms are the same ^^
12. [+25, -2] Wow, as expected, the member I thought was weird who made it in isn't on the list...

Article: [Exclusive] All members of IZ*ONE and X1 decided before viewer votes

Source: Korea Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,391, -6] Wow.. I'm just speechless now

2. [+1,339, -9] Wow, what's going on.. I feel so bad for the trainees

who got kicked out of the debut group, what're we going to do about


3. [+1,246, -56] So one member of Wanna One was rigged in... who is it...

4. [+186, -4] Please release the actual rankings, please..

5. [+151, -0] Sigh, bad people

6. [+114, -9] That basically confirms IZ*ONE and X1 are to be disbanded...

7. [+105, -2] So basically CJ and Mnet picked their favorite members

8. [+82, -17] Maybe he went from claiming three members were rigged in

to all of them because it's easier for them to handle decisions for the

group when it pertains to all of them instead of some of them, whether

that's disbandment or not. This just sets the table for both groups to

be disbanded, though.

9. [+73, -13] So all of the members of IZ*ONE and X1 were rigged, and one member from Wanna One

10. [+63, -1] All that's left n the end are wounds. The trainees who were hurt and the public who genuinely supported them...


Source: Nate

1. [+311, -3] It's quite shocking that all of the members were decided before the live broadcast

2. [+302, -7] I wonder who the one member in Wanna One is? ㅋㅋㅋ Poor trainees who were eliminated.

3. [+206, -2] I suspect at least two... but more importantly, I'm

curious as to whether the other members knew about all of this or not

4. [+35, -7] I knew something was fishy when random untalented Japanese kids kept climbing in the ranks

5. [+31, -1] Even if he's claiming that all of the members were rigged

in, there has to be at least a few members whose ranks still qualified

them to be in the group fair and square, no? I wish they'd just release

all the numbers so we can clear the air ourselves.


Source: Naver

1. [+538, -19] I don't think Samuel was eliminated for another member, I think it was Kim Jonghyun

- I wasn't his fan but I did think it was weird when he was eliminated

- Yup, I thought it was weird when Samuel was eliminated but it made no

sense at all for Kim Jonghyun.. If there was one member swapped out that

should've been in, it's Kim Jonghyun

- I really went 'what the hell' when Kim Jonghyun randomly dropped to elimination when he was #1, #2 all season long

2. [+196, -23] Isn't it obvious? There's that one member that everyone thought was weird when he made it in

3. [+169, -65] Do you guys really believe it's just one member? He's

only saying it's one now but I bet once investigations look into it,

they'll find more ^^ At the start of all this, he said only seasons 3

and 4 were rigged but it ended up being all four seasons~

4. [+107, -13] I was so surprised when Kim Jonghyun and Samuel were

eliminated. At least Jonghyun got to work with the NU'EST members but I

wonder how hard Samuel took it while working all by himself...

5. [+161, -80] I feel so damn bad for Samuel

  1. IZ*ONE
  2. Wanna One
  3. X1
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kpopiskimchi24147 pts Thursday, December 5, 2019 5
Thursday, December 5, 2019

yup knew that there was no way Jang Wonyoung would come in 1st lol


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insidersm-442 pts Thursday, December 5, 2019 2
Thursday, December 5, 2019

Iz one and x1 members career might be dead now. Sakura will be ok in japan because she's already big there. The trainees whom got cut deserved to get compensation from mnet. There's no way the higher ups in mnet and cj don't know anything about this


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