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Yongsan police confirmed to have booked BTS's Jungkook for causing car accident


According to a representative from Seoul's Yongsan Police Station on November 8, BTS member Jungkook has been booked in documentation as the offender of a car accident, and will likely face a civil case.

As previously reported, Jungkook recently caused a car accident back on October 31 at approximately 4 AM KST, mistakenly running into a taxi. Afterward, the idol admitted that he violated traffic laws, giving his testimony to police officers on-site and also coming to a settlement with the victim.

The Yongsan Police representative curtly revealed that they cannot reveal much more details as the investigation is still ongoing and that the idol may be summoned for questioning soon. 

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ally-k108 pts Friday, November 8, 2019 18
Friday, November 8, 2019

honestly ya'll bewilder me. you get rid of artists over unnecessary crap. crap that they can learn from. the ones you don't get rid of you bully and antagonise sending them into depression and suicide. yet none of you have clean lives. people in other countries wish they had artists of your caliber but you waste them on constantly fighting ridiculous standards ya'll can't uphold yourselves

I feel sad for all k-pop artists. they deserve better


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MyEuphoria3,908 pts Friday, November 8, 2019 8
Friday, November 8, 2019

It has already been established that the accident took place on Nov 2. The police have not made further official statements so exactly who is this "representative"?

"...booked in documentation as the offender of a car accident". Sounds bad...But, we already know Jungkook admitted fault in the accident, so of course it's been officially noted and the case is going forward.

"... will likely face a civil case." I think this phrase refers to JK being charged with the violation as his case moves through traffic court or something similar in SK since Jungkook already settled with the taxi driver.

Basically, the case is moving ahead as expected and will be wrapped up with Jungkook being found guilty of violating a traffic law - he'll probably pay a fine and receive demerit points.

Nobody at this point even knows what the traffic violation was, yet he is being treated like the worst criminal due to false reporting, rumours, and wild speculation. I'm not defending violating traffic laws in any way, but it has already been stated that the accident was a minor one. The situation cannot be looked at properly until the details of the accident are released and that can't happen until the case is closed. I'm waiting for official police statements about the accident and am not relying on any unofficial remarks made by anonymous sources.


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