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K-media criticizes YG for media playing Blackpink's nomination and concert attendance numbers



YG Entertainment published a press release stating Blackpink won in 3 categories at E! People's Choice Awards. The title of the press release said "Blackpink Won in 3 categories at E!People's Choice Awards - Group of2019, The Music Video of 2019 and The Concert tour of 2019."

But YG had published the press release before E! People's Choice Awards announced the result. Then, YG Entertainment changed the title from "Blackpink Won in 3 categories"  to "Blackpink is nominated in 3 categories..." Lots of people saw the article and K-Media already started to write about it.

K-media has also criticized YG for media playing Blackpink's dome tour concert attendance numbers. They stated "YG also issued a press release on Blackpink's Japan Tokyo Dome tour and stated 'Blackpink is expected to mobilize a total of 205,000 spectators through 3 dome concerts.' But even TVXQ, BTS and TWICE were never close to mobilizing 200,000 spectators through 3 dome concerts."

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Procrastinating1,185 pts Monday, November 11, 2019 5
Monday, November 11, 2019

Why are so many commenters misunderstanding the point of this article? It's not complaining about YG promoting BP (as is their job), it is saying YG is making false claims, ie lying, in order to promote them.

I have no idea what the actual facts are - did they lie or not? But TVXQ, BTS and Twice are definitely more popular in Japan than BP (based on many sources), so if YG is really claiming they sold more tickets there I think it is suspect...


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k812,840 pts Monday, November 11, 2019 22
Monday, November 11, 2019

Your telling me YGE have the power over American Music Awards??? OMG Indeed YG controls the world.


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