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Jung Da Eun further claims former MONSTA X member Wonho is facing illegal drug use charges in 'Dispatch' interview


On November 1, media outlet 'Dispatch' released an exclusive report containing an interview with former TV personality/fitting model, Jung Da Eun.

According to Jung Da Eun, her former roommate and former MONSTA X member Wonho offered her the illegal drug marijuana back in 2013, and the two friends smoked the drug together. Jung Da Eun and Wonho were formerly roommates in 2012, living together as friends near Yeoksam-dong. 

Jung Da Eun alleged that the event took place in October of 2013. She and Wonho met at a cafe, where Wonho took out a package from his pocket and offered it to Jung Da Eun. The two returned to Jung Da Eun's home and smoked the substance, which Jung Da Eun claimed was marijuana. 

Jung Da Eun recalled, "I asked him where he got it. He said it was a secret. But I suspected he got it from a seller. I know someone who also deals it." She added, "Yes, I smoked it too. It's the truth."

What's more is that while Jung Da Eun and Wonho smoked the marijuana in her home, another acquaintance happened to be in the house, witnessing the incident. This individual is identified as 'C' - a former merchandise manager for club 'Burning Sun'. 'C' is currently serving prison time for illegal use of numerous drugs at 'Burning Sun'. 

Jung Da Eun recalled that 'C' had asked to borrow a belt from her and that she gave 'C' the password to her home so that 'C' could come and take the item. 'C' happened to be in Jung Da Eun's room, searching for the belt, when Jung Da Eun and Wonho returned home and smoked the marijuana, according to Jung Da Eun. Afterward, 'C' inquired, "What did you guys do?", to which Jung Da Eun responded, "Just pretend like nothing happened." 

'Dispatch' reporters visited 'C' in prison to confirm Jung Da Eun's story, the report relayed. 'C' allegedly remembered the events in a similar manner to Jung Da Eun and confirmed that Jung Da Eun referred to the other individual as "Ho Seok" (Wonho's birth name). 

Finally, 'Dispatch' revealed that police have been carrying out investigations into Wonho's marijuana use case, after obtaining witness accounts of the events from 2013 from both 'C' and Jung Da Eun. Police allegedly met with Wonho at the end of September after MONSTA X returned from their Germany concert, and performed drug tests via Wonho's hair follicle samples. 

Police shared that due to the fact that Wonho's marijuana investigation is still ongoing, they cannot disclose the results of his drug tests to 'Dispatch'. Police may be summoning Wonho for questioning regarding this drug use case some time in the near future, depending on his drug test results.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

I don’t understand why she’s so intent on ruining Wonho.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

the dealer was probably your dumbass girlfriend hoe

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