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Actress Ha Na Kyung sentenced for domestic violence against boyfriend


Actress Ha Na Kyung has been sentenced for domestic violence against her boyfriend.

On October 24, reports revealed Ha Na Kyung was sentenced to 8 months in prison suspended for 2 years after being charged with intimidation and violence. She'll be under probation for 2 years, and if she violates any terms of her probation, she'll serve 8 months in jail.

According to reports, the actress met her boyfriend when she visited an adult entertainment bar in July of 2017. She's said to have driven her car at him in an effort to intimidate him in October of 2018 after a verbal argument. After filed a report with the police, she reportedly choked him and attempted to injure his wrists.

She was reportedly upset that her boyfriend met with other women while he was employed at the adult entertainment bar, and she invited 80 of his acquaintances to a group chatroom to share malicious comments about him.

The courts took into account that Ha Na Kyung had been previously fined for violence against ex-boyfriends. During a live stream on streaming service Afreeca TV, Ha Na Kyung denied she was the subject of the reports initially, but she later admitted, "That article is about me."

She explained, "It's true I first met him at a host bar in July of 2017. An acquaintance invited me, and I wasn't there to use my own money. We started to date. It's true we had a verbal argument in October of 2018 at a restaurant. He left and didn't pick up the phone, so I took my car and went home. He got out of a taxi, and he's the one who came towards my car. The article said I tried to run my car into him, but that's not true."

Ha Na Kyung continued, "We started living together in November of 2017. Two months later, he said he wanted to study abroad to learn another language, so I financially supported him. He was using me for money. We had a cross examination with him today. I thought he was someone I loved and could marry, but he filed a false suit against me to break up so I countersued him. I submitted evidence of him physically assaulting me. In this situation, I'm the more heartbroken one. The only crime I'm guilty of is loving him. I have blackbox footage. He came in front of my car, so I slammed on the brakes. He then smirked and went up to our home."

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Ohboy6913,272 pts Friday, October 25, 2019 9
Friday, October 25, 2019

"The only crime I'm guilty of is loving him."

Sure, that's why you got two years.


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Brown_Cream657 pts Friday, October 25, 2019 5
Friday, October 25, 2019

"She's said to have driven her cat at him in an effort to intimidate him"



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